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All the Troubles with my Sliding Barn Door

Hey there!

It's been a long week of work and I still have nothing to show!  That's why I put this post together to give you an update on how things have been rolling around these parts.

This next pic is how the track for the sliding door was installed, you can check that post right HERE.
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For the door, I wanted to utilize reclaimed wood, and I had been looking for it for months without any luck.

I contacted a person that sells it, but boy o' boy, that was expensive! Around $4/linear foot, at least for the boards, I wanted - So, this wasn't an option anymore.

Just as I got rid of the idea of buying the reclaimed wood, a Craiglist ad appeared with this picture:

They were free!
Talk about happiness.
The ad appeared on an evening when there were raining cats and dogs, so I let the person know I was going to be there to pick up the wood first thing in the morning the following day.

Guess what?
When I arrived the next morning the wood was GONE! :'(

I was disappointed but I knew these things happen. Whoever comes first takes the prize. I wasn't that upset because it was very close to our home.

My next option was to go to a thrift store and check for wood or old doors. I invited Mr. RLC to go with me to this new-to-me place and WOW!

They have hundreds of doors, windows, shutters, cabinets, etc. etc.  Look at this.

Those doors were impressive and they weren't the only ones. The prices, sadly, weren't within my budget.
I didn't take many pics, sorry. I was looking for my door or wood, though they didn't have much wood.
These are some of the things that caught my eye at the entrance.

However, deep, deep inside the store I saw this green gal.

The width of this door was exactly what I needed - 48". It felt pretty sturdy - It's a solid wood door. The only problem - It didn't have a price. :/

We were told that the person who assign the prices was still searching this kind of door to come up with a price. They couldn't sell it there at that moment.  We had to wait for them to call us later on during the week to give us a price.

I kept looking around and saw some other big doors but their prices were upward of $450. So, I didn't keep high hopes for the green door.

We went home kind of sad without a solution for our door, this was the only find that came home with us. I love the tiny lights on it.

So, for the doors, I decided to buy new lumber and build it.  Remember all the beautiful sliding door ideas I posted HERE? This is the one I wanted to go for.

Since my floor is going to be dark I wanted the door to be not as dark as theirs. Here I was trying some stain combinations.

And here, halfway the staining process.

But, just two days ago while in the middle of staining the boards, we got the call. Yep, they finally set the price on the green vintage door: $200.

It was way less than we expected, and yeah, you're guessing it. We went to pick her up!

Yesterday I gave it a good cleaning, look at how dirty it was.

The paint is peeling off almost everywhere on one side.

This lower corner is the one with the most damage but considering we need to cut it a couple inches across to fit in the space, this might not be a problem.

I love the rusted old rolling mechanism, too bad only one was left in place.

After cleaning and cutting it, we just have to install it. :D

I have to do it this weekend. I need the mister's help. This door is HEAVY. I cannot handle it alone.

Here is a pick of my garage. All those boards are flooring. I've been working on that project for a couple of weeks, and it's almost ready.  The desk in there is also coming to my son's room.

Well, that's it. Those have been all the issues I've had to deal with these past couple of weeks.  

In the end, I'm very happy, I love that door! The other boards I bought I'm going to use for the build-ins around the bed.

Hopefully next week I'll have the door reveal. ;)

What are you doing this weekend?!

The following are all the links to each of the projects done in the room where this door went:

Teen Boy Room Before and After

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Sorry about all the mishaps, but Cristina, come on, your awesome at building, so I know this door will be just perfect!

    1. Thanks Vel! That's one of the great things, no building this time, it's already done!

  2. That door is amazing! It's always 10 balls in the air at once but somehow it will all come together in the end, can't wait to see it up.

    1. You're so right, Jaime! Eventually all things fall into the right place, I think I'm getting there. ;)

  3. Very cool store, but I find $200 expensive for that door! My pocket door, about 100 years old, has a very similar wheel contraption on it.

    1. I agree with you, Julie! That's the problem when you fall in love with something. I didn't want to pay for the materials to create this door and here I am paying twice or perhaps way more than necessary. The lumber I bought to build it was around $100. Having in mind that I still needed screws, glue, stain, etc. The $200 was kind of reasonable for the vintage door, and no building involved.

  4. It's going to look amazing! I love the door!

  5. Wow. The door is fabulous!! I can't wait to see.

  6. I can't wait to see your finish, Cristina, which I know will be amazing. I'm digging into my stash this weekend to prepare our booth space transformations for.....shh...Christmas. I know, I know, it's not even Halloween, but Christmas is coming quick for retail.

  7. That door will be amazing Cristina! Worth the trouble...I have learned that sometimes patience is what really makes a project perfect in the end! Barn doors aren't my "thing" but I really do love them in other people's homes!

  8. It is going to be awesome!!! Looking forward to your next post!

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