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Give plain white plastic storage bins an industrial look


How was your weekend? Great? Good! 
Mine was OK. I kept working on the closet, yeah, still there. :/
It was time to build the drawers, I kind of hate building drawers. This time was no exception. 
They're not perfect but they're DONE and that's what counts. 
Now I'm happy to cross those off my list.


My last post was about building a shelf right in between the studs on the wall and these flip-out bins were installed right there for my son to store toys and belts and small stuff in his closet.

But, we didn't like the white stark look they had so, they were changed.

And this is the how to of their makeover.

First, the clear fronts were taken out. They're easy to slip off. 
Each bin was taken out of the box to be painted.
I wasn't sure about what color to use. So, I sprayed the color choices I had on hand on the back of three bins:
  • Rust-Oleum Forged Hammered -Antique Pewter
  • Rust-Oleum  Hammered (I used that color in the project right HERE).
  • Flat or regular black spray paint.

The black made them still look plastic-y.
The Hammered was too brown-ish - with the walls brown, it would've been too much.
The Antique Pewter color was the perfect silver color. :)

Some small thumb-tacks were also spray painted the same color - I stuck them into a piece of cardboard for the paint treatment.

Only one can of spray paint was not enough for the three sets of bins. A trip to Home Depot was necessary. But I was also thinking of going to the craft store because my first idea for the handles was to wrap them on paper that look like wood. I tried it at home but it wasn't sturdy, I was thinking of buying some kind of foam or something thicker where to glue the paper on before attaching it to the bins.
Buuuut, while at Home Depot I happened to pass thru this.

GripStrip planks. They're sturdy, FREE, and have the wooden look I was going for!

Once at home, the template for the handles was traced on the planks. Then, using a strong pair of scissors (the material is tough), they were cut out.

The final step is to insert the thumb-tacks on each side and attach the cut outs to the bins with hot glue or super glue.

We began filling them up with belts...

And my son's collection of Bey-Blades. He doesn't play with them anymore. and there were some he didn't even want to put inside because the paint on those Bay-Blades might peel and he doesn't want that to happen. Oh boy!

In the end, they all fit comfortable and he ended up with empty bins and not knowing what to store in them.

I guess not for long!


The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room:

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  1. Cristina, this is brilliant. I didn't realize the windows slipped out so that is good news. Thank you for the link to The Container Store also. I am loving the wood and the tacks are brilliant. You have truly made something unique and fun for your son. :) ~ Christina

    1. Thanks Christina! Paint was the way to go as soon as I found out the windows slipped! I love paint transformations, easy and economical. ;)

  2. Goodness, you are so clever! I am just amazed at your talent each time I visit your blog. Love the storage bins.

  3. Could not for the life of me figure out how you got the "wood look"...was thinking maybe shelf paper or some such. Brillant! I took a boat load of paint sample cards for a project...I wonder sometimes if the people at our home improvement stores think we are crazy for taking so many "free samples." Precious idea...my daughter is headed off to college this fall...this is a great way to dress up dorm room storage!

    1. I know what you mean, Beck! I kinda felt bad for taking too many, I took 8 (one for two bins), but with the first cuts I was regretting not taking at least one extra, the first cuts were not as smooth or precise as I wanted them.
      Hey, my daughter is also heading off to college this fall, time flies isn't it!

  4. Brilliant! I would have just used wood-like contact paper, but you had to go the extra-mile and it looks absolutely fabulous!

    1. Thanks Vel! That was my first thought, paper, then contact paper, but that area is kind of bend it, it looked a bit weird to me. The planks make the whole area flat. BTW there's another clear piece that can be installed on this part of the handle to secure a label.

  5. You constantly blow my mind with your projects! Brilliant! This is seriously cool and I know your son is loving his creative mama!

  6. well, that is genius! ...and awesome at the same time

  7. those look amazing. you are so talented. I am always in awe of your projects! I am sure your son loves having a place for all his special toys.

  8. Looks amazing, but I don't think I could build it by myself.

  9. What an amazing finished product! It looks like something you'd pay top dollar for from RH kids. :) I love how you finished it off.

  10. Seriously adorable! Kids always have little bits of things around their room so this is perfect.

  11. Hola Cristina ! Me encanta el. Aspecto industrial de esas cajas ,, que buena idea la de la plancha madera se ve súper natural

  12. I am in love with this makeover!! It looks so amazing and just perfect, you couldn't have done it any better!!

  13. This is the most awesome economical yet stylish organization project I've seen in a while, definitely pinning this for future reference !

  14. This is INSANE!!! I am in love seriously I can't believe how good the bins look! I shared it to my facebook page and will pin it too!!!


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