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DIY - Between the Studs Shelf - Closet Makeover Part-2

how to add storage in between the studs on the wall

You can tap on that space in between the studs on the wall to bring more storage to your rooms!

Yep. That's exactly what I'm doing here in this closet, but hey first, just in case you're new here let me give you a little re-cap.

This is my son's room, the picture below is the closet before and after removing the door and wall surrounding it. You can read all about it right HERE.

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In my previous post, I shared with you the building of the shelves on the back wall.

But even before building those shelves, as soon as I finish getting rid of the door and wall, I knew I wanted to add something on the left side, more exactly inside the wall, in between the studs. That was the only space I could utilize.
So, I grabbed my oscillating tool and began cutting the drywall to make the space for a shelf. The tool I used the most for this entire project was my Rockwell Sonicrafter Multi-tool, it made the whole project easy to accomplish.

| Rockwell Sonicrafter Multi-tool |

This is what I found after removing another part of the drywall:how to add storage

Since this isn't a load-bearing wall, I moved that stud out of the way. The horizontal studs were cut through the wall, you can see the openings below.

I made it that way because I didn't want to frame the shelf.
After cutting the horizontal studs, the vertical stud was removed by hitting it on the bottom part with a hammer.
The same stud was then placed in its new space and nailed to the remaining horizontal studs and at the top and bottom.

Then, it was time to build the shelf. The main material used was 1 x 4's. It was built to accommodate three sets of flip-out bins. The bins have grooves along all sides for stacking them together... side by side or one on top of the other.
flip-out bins |

For my project, they had to be stacked vertically. Once again, I used my oscillating tool to remove the grooves on the sides for a cleaner look.

 All the 1 x 4 pieces were cut and painted.

And then, the shelf was assembled with glue and brad nails.

A dry-fit before attaching the backing. ;)
For the back, I used ½" MDF, which brings the whole shelf flush with the drywall once installed.

But, as usual, walls are not perfect! :/
Every time I pushed the bottom part of the shelf, the top part would stick out, and vice-versa.

In the end, the shelf was screwed to the 2x4s on each side, trying to push it the most I could inside the wall. It wasn't a perfectly flush fit with -the wall, but I'm happy with it.

After caulking all around and sanding it smooth, it looked way better.
However, the flip-out bins, which I think are great for my son to store his belts and small stuff, looked kind of sad, or as my daughter said: "too plastic-ly".
Flip-Out Bins |

So, I gave them a little makeover. You can check the post right HERE for the flip-out bin transformation.
Kids room organization - In between the studs storage

I'm in love with the new bins! They fit much better with the boyish design of the closet. ;)

As you can see, I also added beadboard wallpaper on the back. Here is the top of the shelf:
Kids room organization shelf
Beadboard Wallpaper |

closett makeover

And the lower part of the shelf.
closet makeover

Kids room storage - Closet makeover

Stay tuned for more about this closet!

The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room:

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  1. Wow, Cristina, you completely blew my mind with this project! Your skills are amazing. I am betting your son loves his new, manly, storage shelves and flip out bins (which I am looking forward to seeing how you adapted these to your style). Also, thank you for the link to The Container Store. I'm sure they will be thrilled to see how you customized the flip out bins. :) I always look forward to your blog posts in my email. Thank you! ~ Christina

    1. Aww Christina, thanks so much for your kind words and for all your support! My son keeps on visiting his room to see the progress, when he saw the updated bins he was like: "Oh wow, they are cool"
      Have great weekend!

  2. LOVE...I just posted a tutorial on installing a door window. I used door stop as a trim because it is very "simple." You might trim out the shelf with it...might camouflage the womperjomped edge a bit...but still very "sleek" and minimal. I seriously love what you did with the plastic bins! Too cute!

  3. Those bins are amazing... what a change from the "plasticy" things they were. Such a creative shelf!

  4. Goeeee Cristina ! Bravo es un trabajo magnifico en ese pequeño closet a,, me encanto como adaptaste esa cajonera ,,,

    1. Gracias Angélica! Esa cajonera le ha encantado a mi hijo tb.

  5. Love it! So nice and neat! I redid my son's closet in February while he was away. He came home and loved the extra space and organization ... but for some "strange " reason his clothes still end up on the floor!

    1. LOL Thanks Guerrina! The same happens in my daughter's room and I believe my son's not gonna be an exception! :)

  6. Well done! That's a great idea and you did a great job with it. I'm just about to get into our daughter's closet remodel. You've really got me thinking about some use of one of the bare unusable walls. Very nice!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Absolutely amazing Cristina!!!!! Love your use of this niche!

  9. This is just awesome Cristina! You amaze me!!

  10. This is such a fantastic project. Leave it to you to make every inch count my friend! Good job

  11. This turned out beautifully. I have a wall in my kitchen that would be a perfect spot for shelves like this. And I just love how you made over those bins!

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