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DIY - Small Closet Makeover - Part 1

Hi everyone! Just as I promised, today I'm giving you an update on how things are going with the closet in my son's room. In the first pic you can see how he kept it, or better yet, you can see by the amount of clothes in there, that he didn't use it! So, I took control of the situation and got rid of the door and surrounding wall, you can read about it right HERE.

I ended the day so tired, showered in dust, but happy with how open it looked.

Next up, the building phase. First, a base was created out of 2 x 6's, and it was covered with plywood.

Then, three sheets of 23/32" plywood were ripped in thirds to create the towers/shelves. They were primed and painted before assembling them.

I marked where each shelf should be placed.

And, since I wanted to install drawers, pieces of 1 x 2's were added for extra support.

The drawer slides were screwed to those supports.

Before attaching all the pieces together, I brought them up to the room, otherwise it would've been impossible to move!

Once in place, they looked puny compared to all the work done! But hey, it was beginning to look good. :)

So, back to work...

Cristina Garay using a circular saw - Advil campaign

Some more shelves were cut...

Clamped and screwed in place.

Back in the room... They fit nicely.  :)
I was so glad, I called my client to show the progress.
He said: "They look great, but I don't like them white!"

The client has the last word.
I brought them down, added a beadboard wallpaper left from this project in the kitchen, painted the whole thing Ottertail - brown and Ahhhh... I had a happy client! :)

a closet in a boy room is transformed with lots of DIY

For now, this is how the space looks. Stay tuned for the revealing part coming soon. 

The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room:

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