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Trick on How I Cut a Full Sheet of Plywood with a Circular Saw

Hi friends,

I'm so sorry I've been, once again, so absent. In my last post I talked about my wacky Summer schedule, and the driving I've been forced to take not only with my teen daughter but also with my husband and his bad knee.

Well, things haven't changed much!

I'm still sitting in the passenger's seat each time my daughter wants to drive and I'm still driving my husband to doctor's appointments due to his knee surgery which got worse because it got infected. :(

Yesterday, I almost spent the entire day bringing him to the hospital for yet, another surgery to open and clean the area since the antibiotics alone were not enough to get rid of the infection.

I'm now crossing my fingers for things to get better.

I've been working on the closet in my son's room but I haven't had the time to upload and edit lots of pictures I have on my phone.

I've got some of the materials, including three of these sheets.

And I've spent a good amount of time in my garage doing smaller cuts besides the ones I requested at Home Depot.

While I upload the pics, I'm only going to share a trick I discovered while cutting a long piece of plywood out of a full sheet.

I don't have a work cutting bench, or saw horses, and I don't like to do the cuts low on the floor.
I use a folding table to work on my projects and it's always hard to cut full sheets of plywood.
I couldn't cut a big piece with my circular saw without someone helping me hold the cut or it would simply fall smack on the floor!

So, I went all around my house trying to find something to put on the side of the table to suspend the cut. After a long scavenger hunt for the right item, I found these guys:

I'm so glad I changed the old seats for the flat wooden circles. And the best part is they can go up and down to the level you want or align them to where you're cutting your material.

So, I made the cuts all by myself, and the pieces didn't fall flat on the floor!


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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Very resourceful. I do hope your husbands knee will be able to heal now. And I also have a teenage daughter driving for the hours required until she can get her license. Connie from

    1. Thanks Connie! My daughter's test is at the end of August, still some more weeks enjoying those free rides! ;)

  2. Hi Cristina!!! I love your use of the bar stools to support the plywood! By the way, coming from the medical equipment industry, sometimes your insurance will pay for a wound pump which pulls the excess liquids out of the wound, keeps it clean, limits dressing changes to 3 times a week and helps the wound close properly and quickly. Dr's often call this a wound "vac". Very expensive to rent, your insurance probably pays for part of it, but does a great job with healing. ~ Christina

    1. Hmmm Thanks a lot for this info, Christina! I don't know why the doctor hasn't recommended it to him!

  3. Outstanding....when you see my project and post Thursday, you will understand why your post is soooo!!!
    BTW, next time, ask them to rip down the full sheets for you at the store to the width you need...most will. I know Lowes will cut your plywood to size....even if you need to rip down the width, working with 1x or 2x 8' lengths is A LOT easier than an entire 4x8 sheet! I do that and then I have an adjustable "roller" stand I place to move and hold up the 8' lengths...hard to explain...I'll post a pic someday!

    1. Beck, You're a laugh! :D Can't wait to see your Thursday post!
      Most of the time I ask them to cut the full sheets to my measurements, but I wasn't sure about the measurements for the last sheet, so I brought the whole thing home. I would love to see the adjustable "roller" stand you're talking about, is always nice to learn new tricks to make things easier. ;)

  4. So sorry to hear about your husband's knee infection! Prayers up!

  5. Impressive, Cristina!! Sure hope your husband's knee is healed soon.
    Mary Alice

  6. Oh no...I hope your husband is feeling better Cristina. That is just awful. On the upside, I love your supports you have come up with. Pure GENIUS!!

  7. I hope your husband is on the mend. What a crazy summer indeed. Great idea of how to hold the plywood. :)

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