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Red, Black & Plaid Christmas Bedroom

A moody Christmas bedroom

Well Hello!

As promised, here's a little tour of my bedroom in all its Christmas splendor! Lots of red, black, and plaid give it a cool, moody vibe.

This is the room that started my dark accent wall obsession. Ha, the other reason might be those cool paint remnants. ;)  But that might be a good post for another day.

One of my favorite views in the entire house is when I climb up the steps and see that big Merry Christmas banner up there.

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DIY - Accent Wall |  Grey Area Rug  | Chandelier |

This Merry Christmas banner was the starting point for this moody Christmas bedroom. I found it during my latest visit to Lucketts a couple of weeks ago. 

If you're new to Lucketts, it's a store in the town of Lucketts, Virginia, where you can find the most fantastic decorating products for your home. Vintage, old & new unique accessories and furnishings that, most of the time, you can't find anywhere else. The link I have to their webpage only provides in-store sales and activity dates, which means if you want to get something from them, you've gotta visit the store. 

The moment that I saw this wool pennant, I knew this was the spot for it. Love it!

The dark wall is the perfect backdrop. From then on, I collected more red and gray accessories to finish up the room. Red bed sheets, throw pillows... The bench that was in a corner of the basement was also brought up here.
| White Birch BranchesFlameless Candles | Throw Blanket |

The built-in was decorated with a Santa poster I also found at Lucketts a few years ago. I just taped it to the canvas that was hung above the mantle, and ha, instant art. :D

The shelves stayed the same as they'd been for most of the year. I didn't want to carry much stuff up two flights of stairs.
| DIY - Built-In | Fireplace | Moroccan Pouf |

I've always loved the look of a bench at the foot of the bed. When the time comes for me to build one, this little red bench will do. Adding the greenery and the candles works nicely, as I won't use them to pile up with clothes. ;)
Red bench with candles and greenery
| DIY - Red Bench | Garland | Candles |

The night tables were also left with minimum décor. 
Christmas decor
 Bed  | Blanket | Duvet |

Fairy lights inside a cloche look awesome at night. Oh, that white ball garland on the bed was another Luckett's find a few years ago. Love its chunkiness.
Red, black and plaid Christmas bedroom

Going back to the lights, I tried taking pictures of this room with the lights on, but it didn't do it justice. 

I just adore the reflection of the little lights there on the window.
Red, black and plaid bedroom
| Fairy Lights | Sheet SetCurtains |

And the warmth in the room, but again, the pics and even the video don't look as pretty as the real deal.
red, black and plaid Christmas bedroom

I have one more Christmas room to share with you. I thought about posting the pics of both rooms today, but the post would've been too long. The tour of my son's bedroom will come up in an upcoming post.

For now, you can tour the downstairs here.

*This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Really gorgeous! I really like the dark accent wall too. Happy Holidays!


    1. Thanks Alexandra!! This room has sported the dark wall for a few years already and I'm still loving it. 🖤

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