Bathroom Shelves For Christmas

Ha, the first Christmas post of the year came out quite early, isn't it.

Well, I've been working on this little powder room for a few weeks already and I couldn't wait to share this side of the room with you all!

I kept on postponing the makeover of this bathroom for a long time, but as usual I'm a slow poke and this is still a work in progress. I'm still waiting on some materials to arrive. The ceiling, the vanity, the lights and wall décor had to be updated and I'm only mid way with all of that.

This side of the room where the toilet and the floating shelves are located only needed a good spruce up. I'm keeping those shelves because I love all the storage that this set of floating shelves provides. 
It was one of my very first projects in this house. 

You can check all the details & video about building and installing these  Floating Shelves right HERE

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Bathroom storage

However, those shelves didn't stay organized for long. Ha, my bottle collection grew and grew and it made things impossible here. Look at that!
bottle collection on floating shelves - bathroom

Well, once again the magic of paint was all this little nook needed.
Oh, and a few poplar hobby boards. ;)
Bathroom paint and wood
|  BEHR Evening Hush - matte  | Poplar Hobby Board |

The same color I used in my bedroom, Behr Evening Hush, was applied here.  I had to use those remnants. It looks even darker here. 

The afternoon light made those spots look more on the blue-ish side, although it is a gray color.
floating shelves with Christmas decor

After living with those reddish shelves for so many years, I was more than ready for change.

I went for a natural wooden look on those shelves. However, the top and bottom of each shelf was painted to make it look similar to the color of poplar. I simply mixed a few paint colors I had in the basement to get that yellowish tone.

Now, the front of those shelves is the only part that I updated with real poplar hobby boards. I didn't want to make those shelves any thicker & the poplar boards were the exact same width as the front boards on the shelves: 3-1/2". 

 Five nails on each board is all I used to keep them in place. I haven't even patched those nail holes. 
Bathroom shelf decor
| Ceramic House |


Because I went straight to the basement to get all those boxes full of Christmas décor. :D

Christmas decor

The Christmas village houses fit in perfectly with the contrasting white. I've been buying this type of houses at the Target dollar spot.
Be merry tag - metal basket in bathroom

Even the toilet paper got on the spot light corralled in a basket with a pretty Christmas tag.
toilet paper in basket with pretty tag

You can see a little peek of the new baseboards I'm installing there on the picture below. 

In tiny spaces like this powder room, cute baseboards make a huge difference!
Christmas decor in the bathroom
Ceramic House | Gold Bottle Brush Tree | Star OrnamentMetal Basket |

More updates on this little bathroom makeover are coming. 

Stay tuned!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. SUPER CUTE! I love how the simplest changes can make such a drastic difference.

    1. Hi Beck! Right? Nothing better than a paint makeover. :D

  2. I love how this turned out! Love the color - and the cute houses! I have a bunch too and they're so versatile. Have a great week!


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