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My Sister's Dining Room Makeover - The Before

I'm back with the second room makeover that I worked on during my stay in Bogota, Colombia last month. Here in this first picture, you can see my sister Mercedes in between her kitchen and the dining room which was about to get a full makeover.

The kitchen and dining room are the heart of my sister's home. Given that she loves to cook, these two rooms are always busy. It was here, around this table where we gathered for the past twenty years when having a family reunion. Let me tell you, our family reunions aren't small feasts. :) Somehow my sis has always managed to fit over 20 people and feed them all in this tiny area!

It was about time to help my sis by bringing change to this room that has served us all for so long. Let me show you all around and then, I'll point to the changes that we wanted to bring. Oh, and I say "we", because this is a project that my nephew Julian was in charge of. It was a project for his mom and he was more than happy to put his skills to good use, I was delighted to be his assistant. ;)

This picture below was taken when standing by the kitchen door and looking the other way toward the living room. All I could see were chairs and more chairs inside this small room. They were all good strong chairs, but I didn't like that their backs were so high.


There in the corner, of course, another chair or stool.

On the other side of the room, she had this cabinet that has seen better days. Many of the glass doors and shelves were already gone. Storage was very limited and for the past several years it had turned into a makeshift storage bin.

The boys' mode of transportation is motorcycles, the helmets were stored up there. The umbrella also had a home here. 

The coat rack on the side of the cabinet wasn't helping one bit. It was always at full capacity, that's why you see more jackets on the back of the chairs.



After completely emptying the room, the first task was to get get rid of the texture on the walls and ceiling.
Oh my, that was a dusty job! 😵 I don't blame my sissy for not wanting to do this to her bedroom when we worked on that makeover last year.

Check my sister's Bedroom Makeover right HERE.

Plastic curtains were hung to cover both doors, but even with them, dust managed to escape and go throughout the entire house.

However, once finished, the room looked way better. 


Painting the walls, ceiling and trim was the second task done in this room. The color of choice: White. Given that this room has no windows, I wanted to keep the room bright and open. The dark door trim was also painted white later on.

My solution for adding lots of seating space without bringing one hundred chairs to this room was to build a banquette all along one side of the room, from wall to wall.

Julian created the plan for this banquette and completed it all on his own! You can see that project right HERE.

The bonus: It'll have plenty of storage. ;)

We designed this built-in wall that would replace the shabby cabinet. It would have plenty of storage as well as display areas. 

Complete details about this built-in unit right HERE.


The picture below was my inspiration for the table I wanted to bring to this dining room. We were going for a modern type of dining room with wooden accents.

We worked with local craftsmen who helped us with the construction of the legs and tabletop.
More about the building of the table right HERE.
| Table |


This is a dark room with no windows, so good lighting is a necessity. The only light the room had wasn't enough. Oh, we even had to move it because it was right smack in the center of the room and I wanted it centered on the new table.


Yes, a new set of dishes, a vase, maybe new silverware. These are all the little things that we get to see every single day that can make a big difference in a room.

Well, my friends, tons of work is packed in this small area and I can't wait to share it all with you!

Stay tuned!

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Enjoy what you read today?


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