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A Modern Dining Table

How to put together a modern dining table

A dining room needs a table and for this, my sister's dining room, we went for a modern table.

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We were bringing change to my sister's dining room and the last thing she wanted was a glass dining table, she already had one for more than twenty years and that was more than enough. So, my plan was to give her a modern wooden table - a table with a wooden top and metal legs like my inspiration in the picture below.

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Modern table with wooden top
| Table |

I've never welded before and given that I was simply visiting, I went the easy route on this one, and even for the tabletop. Given that I didn't have the proper tools or space for that type of job there in Colombia, it was better to give those jobs to the pros.

We contacted a local craftsman to build the table legs. We also bought the tabletop from a very nice shop that carried tons of wood.

Here in the US, you can buy this type of table leg online, HERE's an Etsy shop where you can get these types of metal legs. If you have the tools, you can assemble the top out of 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 material, maybe using a Kreg Jig.

Let's continue with the details on how to put the legs and the tabletop together because we had a bit of trouble doing that.

When we ordered the legs, the guy asked us if we wanted to have a set of long supports to give the entire structure more stability. Our answer: Yes Please!

As soon as the legs and tabletop arrived we set to put the table together.

We first attached the long supports to the legs and then proceeded to use a good bunch of black screws we had at hand. The screws were driven there, where the arrows are pointing, let's call them "leg supports" and we also drove many screws on the long supports. We then flipped the table to admire its beauty... But, uh-oh!

The table was swaying badly! 😭😭

How to put together a modern dining table

We brought the legs back to the smith for him to help us solve the wobbling problem. He welded another support on the other side of each leg (red lines above picture). He also gave us another support, one center bar to install from leg to leg.

How to put together a modern dining table

Here's a close-up of the leg with a set of supports, one on each side of the top part of the leg. 
How to put together a modern dining table

Well, here we were, once again, ready to put together that table!

We first put together the legs with the three long supports, making sure each screw was tightened hard and that the whole structure was square.

If you can weld this entire frame (legs + long supports) that table is going to be way more stable. We couldn't go that way, if it was welded together it was not going to fit through the door, and we didn't have the tools to do that job there in the room. :/

Now, the MOST IMPORTANT part when assembling the table is this: The type of screws you use!

In our first attempt to install the table we used something that resembled drywall screws. Ha, that could possibly be the main reason why the table was wobbling badly.

For this, our second attempt to put the legs + the tabletop together, we used LAG SCREWS!

Lag screws or lag bolts are extremely sturdy fasteners used to connect heavy lumber that carries an intense load.
How to put together a modern dining table
RIDGID Drill | Lag Screws |

They do require that you make pre-drill holes using a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the lag screw used. Given that lag screws only come with hex heads, you will need a ratchet or nut driver to install them.
How to put together a modern dining table

This time, when we turned the table right side up... it was STURDY!! The wobbling or swaying was gone. 😀
How to put together a modern dining table

Love that solid top, so sturdy!
How to put together a modern dining table

Look at how pretty it looks in the room!
How to put together a modern dining table

Well, this was another project checked off the to-do list for this dining room makeover!

Stay tuned for the built-in unit on the other side of the room - talk about lots of storage!

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