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A Glam Bedroom Makeover

glam bedroom makeover in gold and gray

Good morning friends!!

Ready for a nice bedroom reveal? Today, I've got all the details and pretty pictures of a glam bedroom makeover fitted for a young woman or young woman at heart. ❤️

My beautiful niece Paula wanted to revamp her bedroom. She had first tried decorating her plain white room by adding a geometric focal wall. The bedroom got a good pop of color, but it still needed cohesiveness and warmth, as you can see in the picture below:
small apartment bedroom makeover in Bogota, Colombia
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The plan: Turn this bedroom into a glamorous space where she could escape at the end of a busy day.

The first task was to address that big wall. That blue color was competing fiercely with the color of the headboard, and well, the headboard had to stay.

A gorgeous wallpaper was installed and you can check all the details about that installation right HERE.
Small bedroom makeover in Bogota, Colombia


New linens, a duvet cover, cute pillowcases, and a warm throw blanket gave the bed some serious oomph! 

You can never go wrong dressing your bed in white, especially in a small bedroom like this one. 😉

Small apartment bedroom makeover -

The bed was also heightened by changing its legs. The new wooden legs fit much better and they provide even more storage underneath the bed.

small apartment bedroom makeover in Bogota, Colombia
| Chandelier | Bed Legs |


My niece's beautiful pictures fit like a glove in her new space. She wanted lots of gold, which was given to her by adding gilded picture frames.
Gold picture frames with Paula Moya
| Picture Frame |

The two mirrors with their Moroccan-inspired design and a few accessories followed suit in the gold department.

The mirrors were handcrafted here in Bogota at EMPODIO,  a shop north of the city that you can contact here: 318-238-9918.
young woman bedroom


This wasn't a dark room by any means, the big window lets in lots of light. But please, never underestimate the power of a well-lit room!

The room was lacking a bedside/reading light and I didn't want to stuff the nightstands with bulky lamps. So I brought in these headboard mounted LED lights. Each light works on a separate switch that she can use at the same time or separately. 
LED light mounted onto headboard
| LED Reading Light - similar | Headboard |

Did you notice that a center chandelier was also installed? As usual, my nephews were my big helpers with everything that needed to be installed.🥰


Two skinny and light nightstands flanked at each side of the bed. 
skinny tall nightstand
| Nightstand - similar |

Their predecessors couldn't fit together on each side of the bed, they were way too wide for the space. Remember the importance of having the right-sized furniture for your space when redecorating. 
nightstand before and after

The lighter color of the new tables also allowed more light to shine into those corners and a pretty bouquet is a cherry on top.
glam bedroom makeover with flower bouquet


Time to take a look at that back wall where the T.V. was hung. Well, I'm not a big fan of TVs in a room, but this one had to stay.
small apartment bedroom for a young woman

I did nothing to the TV, but the little shelf on top of it was removed because it wasn't serving a big purpose and I thought it created visual clutter.

We installed wall frames to add more interest to that wide wall.

wall frames around tv

Thin pieces of molding were cut at 45-degree, sanded, painted, and then glued up onto the wall.

Then, I added these string lights with little clips to both outer frames which my niece had displaying goofy pictures of her and her friends.

tv wall in small bedroom apartment

It's now easier for her to change or add more pictures and she can enjoy them even more, now that they're in front of the bed.
bedroom decor with string lights


Yes, that window needed some drapes! The gray color ties in with the color of the headboard so nicely. The long curtains add height to the room and provide warmth and extra privacy.
Young woman glam bedroom decor
| Duvet Cover | Throw Blanket |

Last but not least, a fluffy white rug was also added, it is so soft that it brings the glam factor up a notch, just as my niece wanted it to be! :)
bed linens in small apartment bedroom

a glam bedroom with silver wallpaper, drapes, Moroccan style mirrors and a dash of pink

It was super fun working on this glam room makeover! Given that it was for my niece it was more special working on it.

Here, I leave you with the before and after of this space:
Small apartment bedroom

I hope you've enjoyed this makeover! What was your favorite part?  

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*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Love this makeover, so pretty and looks like a million dollar makeover.

  2. wow, a total transformation when you put up the wallpaper. It's all gorgeous, that headboard is truly the star of the show. Beautiful job!

    1. That wallpaper really toned things down in a good way, and yes, the headboard was meant to be there. Thanks Debra!

  3. I love everything about your makeover, the wallpaper is so light and pretty, the pillows feminine and subtle, the bedside table have a nice line with the curve in the legs, the molding on tv wall brilliant, and the photo string lights nice to fill up the rest of the wall...wonderful room !

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