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DIY - Built-In Buffet

Dining room storage drawers

A wall-to-wall built-in buffet unit was the best choice to resolve the storage problems in my sister's dining room.

After finishing work on the other side of the room with the banquette and the dining table, it was now time to get into the biggest build, the built-in buffet. I was making sure that the cabinet that you see below was never coming back! 😫

If you're new here, let me tell you that this is a project done at my sister's house while I was vacationing there, in Bogota, Colombia. I was giving her dining room a full makeover and this entire project was possible because her son, my nephew Julian was the man with the tools doing all the main builds. I was only his assistant, helping with the design and decorative process.😃

Let's get to the details about this Built-In Buffet - The plans are right HERE.
I loved that there, at the big box store (HomeCenter), you bring your plan and they cut everything for you and deliver it to your door! Isn't that awesome?! That's what Julian did. 👍🏽 

Once everything arrived, it was just a matter of assembling and installing the entire unit.

Now, if you're intimidated about building a huge unit like this one, think about it as building boxes or crates. If you can build a box and take good measurements, then you can build this unit. The job then is, to cut the material, assemble the boxes and install them, attaching them to each other and to the wall.


For the base of this unit, Julian also used 3/4" plywood for the rest of the build. Then, he mounted the base cabinets a top of it.


For the countertop, he also used plywood. There in Bogota/HomeCenter, they also add the edge banding wherever you ask to be added. Again, amazing! I wish Home Depot would do that here.

The countertop consisted of two pieces, he made sure the seam would be partially covered by the top cabinets. Attached are both, base cabinets & countertop with wood screws coming from inside the base cabinets and onto the top.


The upper cabinets were then mounted onto the countertop. Same as with the base cabinets, they had to be secured to the wall.


Six drawers were fitted in the lower middle section of this unit.


This is a dark room, the LED lights he added to this unit are going to make this a bright room.

Here are the drawers waiting for the front face.


Shelves were installed in this middle section of the unit to give more openness to this entire space.

Here's how it looked before filling holes and gaps and without the hardware.

Look at all that storage!!
Built-in with lots of storage in dining room

White built-in unit in dining room with floating shelves

Those drawers are incredibly useful.

And here, looking the other way.
Built-in unit in dining room

Well, guys, I'm saving the styled pics for the reveal which is coming soon!!

Check all that's going on with this DINING ROOM makeover:

Enjoy what you read today?


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