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Metal Clock Painted to Look Old

red metal clock with a painted vintage look

Hey there!

Another post that begins with a picture of an old clock.

The subject though is quite different from my previous post.

I've been adding those final details to my son's room, getting it ready for reveal time, and boy oh' boy, those "final" details are so many!

Well, this is one of those...

Last year, when this whole project began, I found this pair or clocks...

red and blue metal clearance clocks from TJ Maxx clearance bins - London - Newgate

They looked "boy-ish", shiny and kind of a good accent piece for my son's room.

blue and red clocks shiny - londond

One of them had no handles, the other only had one...

2 and 3 dollar find clocks

But for the price, I couldn't go wrong.

red and blue clocks hung on a white wall

Now that I'm on decorating mode, I brought the clocks to the room, but they didn't look quite right.

They looked too new... Remember, I'm trying to give the room and old industrial vibe. So, it was time to change them.

I kind of followed this great tutorial, but of course it was adapted to what I had on hand.

The materials you'll need:
  • Black chalk paint (I used Graphite, the darkest I had)
  • Paint brush
  • 120 grit sanding sponge and 220 grit sand paper
  • Black and brown spray paint
  • Dark wax (I used Annie Sloan dark wax)

sample size of ASCP graphite with paint brush on top

The first step was to paint the whole area of the clocks with chalk paint. I used the real deal, as my inspiration stated, most of that paint has to come off.

Graphite ASCP on clocks, brush, antiquing metal

The sanding sponge worked really well at removing most of the paint. It created some marks on the clocks face, but I didn't bother about that.
I used the fine sand paper for those hard to reach areas.

While you sand and sand you give the piece the look you want. -On the red clock I wanted big chunks of black while on the blue clock I wanted thin lines around.

red and blue clocks painted and sanded to look old

The next step, after cleaning all the paint dust, was to spray paint them lightly black and brown. And that's not exactly spray painting, it's more like pressing the can's valve to get out bits of paint to create speckles on your project.

Once the specks of paint were dry, I applied dark wax all around, especially on the crevices. On the clocks face I applied a good amount of wax on the outer edge and almost nothing on the center.

Here you can see the before and final look:
red shiny clock before and rusted dull after

Here, again on the wall with another smaller clock I already had.
Giving metal that rusty old feel

Well, I think they now fit much better in the room. ;)

The sanding part was the one that took the longest, but in general, it was an easy project. You should give it a try!
red clock before and after giving it a painted vintage look

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  1. WOW Cristina, you did a fabulous job on those clocks! Just amazing how you made them look old.
    P.S. How's the snow situation?

    1. Thanks Julie! Oh, we got 30 inches, and just yesterday we finished digging ourselves out. I think I gave my arms a good workout with all that shoveling, I'm now feeling it! :)

  2. Now that is a great pair of clocks. I love how it turned out. I would buy those clocks. : )

  3. Good job! The clock looks more stylish and sophisticated as if it was "new". I'd love to have one in my dining room.

  4. You totally nailed this one Cristina! Looks fantastic.

  5. Wow!!! Those clocks look so attractive in the "after" picture!! I almost cannot believe it's the same clock!

    ~Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

  6. You are just truly Amazing Cristina!

  7. Those look amazing. It's hard to believe they are the same clocks. I love them.

  8. Wow that's so neat! I wouldn't have thought to paint the glass too! Fantastic job Cristina!!!


    1. Thanks Christina! The ones I painted didn't have the front glass. The clocks face is that shiny paper you can see better in the third picture.

  9. I absolutely LOVE this! Thanks for linking up to Link Party Palooza!!!

  10. Esos relojes parecen del siglo pasado , que bien te quedo la apariencia antigua con esa pintura descascarada

  11. What a great job and tutorial!! I love the look, thank you for sharing, think I might be brave enough to a clock of mine!!

  12. I appreciate you sharing this! It is great information to have. I want to do something similar to make a brand new mailbox seem old. This might seem like a silly question: Did you wait for the chalk paint to completely try before sanding it off?

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