DIY - Painted Seagrass Belly Baskets

painted stripes on baskets
Hey there,
Are you a belly basket lover? Good for you! Today I have an easy way to customize seagrass belly baskets with paint.

I bought a trio of these seagrass baskets a long time ago. I like their little handles and the natural vibe they give to the space, but they somehow got
lost when placed against the white background and that's why I decided to give them a makeover.
seagrass belly basket

The materials couldn't be any simpler: -Affiliate links -

I went for a simple striped design. However, taping a round, tapered and textured object is always challenging and that's why I used Frog tape to seal those edges very well.
I cut the tape in two, lengthwise, in order to cover the belly. Lots of wrinkles on those edges, make sure to press them hard against the basket to close those little gaps.
Two more pieces of tape were added one at the top and lower section.
The next step is paint. I used chalk paint because of its thickness and good coverage. It doesn't run as much as other types of paint and only one coat was good enough.
Now, the most important tip I have to give you today, is to always paint from the tape and into the basket. Kind of diagonally without adding too much paint to the brush. If I had way too much paint on the brush, I made sure to first tap the excess paint on the tape.
Go painting all around one side of the tape (center pic) and then all around the other side of the tape towards the center. Always preventing the paint from seeping through the tape.
Let the paint dry and remove the tape.
The quadrilateral designs or quasi parallelograms were made almost the same way. First, the tape was laid horizontally, trying to divide the basket in four equal spaces.
Then, pieces of tape were laid diagonally to create the design. The clear spaces were painted.
Once the paint is dry you can remove the tape. You're going to have some empty spots that need to be taped and painted to create the continuous design.
The final step is to do little touch ups to those areas where the paint was removed with the tape. If you have little seepage spots you can scrape them with a blade.
Well, I think they got a whole lot of character!
painted stripes and parallelograms on baskets
No more Plain Jane, they're now dressed to impress!! ;)
painted stripes on seagrass baskets

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  1. Very cool makeover Cristina. It really adds interest to otherwise simple baskets.

  2. Those baskets turned out perfect. I love the stripes!
    Have a great week,
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