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Christmas in the living room & Office

Hi there!

The last part of my holiday home is here with a little tour of the living room and office. I continued the theme with white, gold, a little bit of black and some red pops as I did in the other areas of our home. You can see the it all on my last post right here.
That previous post ended in the kitchen, so let's continue it right there, looking towards the office aka my wrapping center at this time of the year.
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The gold frame it's been here for an entire year, and I like how anything I put inside it looks so good. The wooden star with all it's chippy charm is gracing that spot this season.
As soon as I get done wrapping the presents I will set the table with a pretty holiday tablescape. Yep. this space serves dual purpose. Although, it's used more frequently as an office.

Taking a wide shot of this room has always been a challenge. The colors come out so weird. It's hard to take pics directly at windows. though, the one that's looking fabulous is my fiddle leaf. 🌿

The easiest arrangement to have at hand is this one below. I bought three bunches of greenery at Trader Joe's, as soon as I got home they were put inside this huge vase. Every time I need clippings to adorn presents or to decorate other parts of the home I come here to grab them. 👍

The white boxes under the table hold Christmas tags, ribbons and gift wrapping tools. I like to have them there, out of the way and ready for when I need them.

Now, looking the other way is the living room

A set of Advent cards I found at a thrift store for three bucks, makes a huge impact on that little wall between the two windows.

Under each number there is an activity for that day, here's the entire list:


1. Put up Christmas decorations
2. Make a new ornament for your tree
3. Send a Christmas card to a soldier
4. Go caroling
5. Make paper snowflakes
6. Send out Christmas cards
7. Go skating
8. Make a Christmas wreath
9. Build a snowman
10. Start a family tradition
11. Picnic in front of Christmas tree
12. Write letters to Santa
13. Watch a favorite Christmas movie
14. Bake Christmas cookies
15. Take cookies to neighbors
16. Go on a sleigh ride
17. Make a donation
18. Make reindeer food
19. Wrap presents
20. Visit a live nativity
21. Drive to see favorite Christmas lights
22. Make a Christmas fort with blankets
23. Play festive Christmas songs and dance
24. Read a favorite Christmas story
25. Open presents

I wish I've been able to follow that to do list. Nope. Hopefully next year.

Here, from the foyer we can peek at my daughter's wall/working area reflected in the mirror. I didn't included it because she likes to pack it full of stuff and I didn't want to bother her.

Finally, this side of the room and more specifically, this chair, belongs to Louie. 🐶 That's where he keeps guard. :)

Well my friends, that wraps up my holiday home. This past weekend I was finally able to decorate the Paris room for my daughter's friend. You can see me there in action on these Instagram stories. And that's was coming next here to the blog.

I hope you have a great week and warm and wonderful holiday!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Just lovely...beautiful! I have had the best time decorating the new house this year...I even bought a little tree for the guest room! Looking at all the blogs and Pinterest make me want to add more...and more! MUST. STOP! lol! BTW I love the picture of Louie!!!! Looks like the space was designed must for him!

  2. Geesh, love the wrapping paper combo. Every year, I always wonder how lovely it would be to stop by for coffee. Your house is always so warm and inviting. It is always a treat. Merry Christmas.... Susie from Chelsea Project

  3. it looks so festive and inviting, it seems like you are ready!

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