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DIY - Marble Tray

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how to drill holes in marble

The countdown is on! Are you done with your holiday décor? How about that shopping list?

I'm about halfway down my gift list, and this cute DIY marble tray that I'm sharing with you today is another item I need to check off my list!

Have you seen those beautiful marble trays in most home stores? 

Well, you can create your very own marble tray for a fraction of what you pay for one of those.

I crated two little trays out of a marble tile set that I got at Home Depot for only eight dollars.
Yep. That would be the cost of your two marble trays, if you happen to have two sets of drawer handles and a drill bit to open the holes in the marble.

Well, you know me, I went a bit further with the details. I also added a wooden base out of scrap wood I had in my stash. I added this extra touch because I think the trays look much better with that wooden line underneath the marble. You don't have to do it, but just in case, let me show you how it was done.

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The materials you'll need for two trays: 

Optional Wooden Base:

materials youll need to create two marble tiles

These gorgeous vintage drawer handles might be another reason why I tackled this project. I've been wanting to use those wooden pulls for ever! I got them from an online store that was going out of business and they were only a couple bucks each.
wooden and silver drawer handles on marble slab


I made a template out of cardboard paper - same width as the tile, 6". Folded it in half, then in quarters and voila, the template was done.

Note: I added painters tape as a precaution for any chipping that might occur. However, this is not a necessity if you use the Bosch Carbide drill bits I used.
It's also a good idea to do a drilling test on a spare piece of the natural stone if you happen to have it.
I used the Bosch Natural Stone carbide tipped drill bits and they produced neat and clean holes. No water required, they went through the marble like butter.
The set comes with four bits, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" & 5/16".
They're specially design or use in natural stone tile, slate, granite and specialty tile.
how to drill holes in natural stone - marble
Bosch Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set |

Using a drill and a Bosch 3/16" Natural Stone Tile bit, drill the holes in the designated spots.
drilling holes in marble
It goes fast and the results are awesome!
Ridgid drill with Bosch natural stone bit drilling holes in marble slab
RIDGID 18-Volt Hammer Drill  |

Install the handles with the hardware that comes with them. Don't over tighten them.

You can stop here, you just created a set of beautiful marble trays!

how to drill holes in marble

For the base I used pine lattice. Using a miter box and saw I mitered those corners.
After sanding them smooth, the wooden pieces were stained.
DIY marble tray - mitering corners on wood
Miter box and saw | Varathane Wood Stain |
Once dry, they were sanded again and a light coat of poly was applied before attaching them to the underside of the marble tray.

Super glue was used to bond both surfaces together. Clamps held them together while the glue dried.
tray wooden base
The final step was to add clear bumper feet to protect the surfaces the tray is going to be placed on.
Tray wooden base with bumpers
I brought the one with the wooden handles to my bathroom for a photoshoot.

how to drill holes in marble
It goes perfectly with all the other wooden tones I have there, in the bathroom.
diy  bathroom marble tray
I love it so much, that now I don't want to give it away!! 🤦‍♀️
marble tray with wooden handles
I bet you've been through this same situation. You find/create something for someone, but you really want to keep it for yourself!
marble tray in bathroom
Well, I still have a few days to decide. 🤔
The other tray got a more modern style. The handles and base were spray painted gold. I love it too.
Modern gold and marble tray

diy marble tray with wooden and metal handles

Well guys, I hope I have inspire you to create your very own marble trays! Which one is your favorite, walnut or gold?

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I can honestly see myself making this! I love to use trays like this by my kitchen sink or even to contrast my coffee table. It looks so great and is so inexpensive. I love it!

    1. Yes girl! You can never have too many trays. :) Thanks Christine!

  2. These are beautiful - I love marble! You make it look so easy, I'm going to give it a try! :) Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

    1. Just add the handles and the bumper feet for a super easy tray. Drilling the holes with the Bosch bit is the sure way to go. 👊

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