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DIY - Small Closet Makeover - The Reveal

a small closet is transformed with lots of storage space

The makeover of my son's bedroom started with a closet transformation. The small closet that his room sported was in desperate need of storage solutions.

Guess what?

This closet makeover is DONE!

I'm so very happy with how it turned out.

It looks way bigger than before, but hey, let's dive into all the details about this makeover!

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It all began when I removed the door and the surrounding wall, the space immediately looked wide open.
opening an small closet by removing door and surrounding wall
Then, the building phase started. 

The shelves on the back wall were built and installed. The wall got a beadboard wallpaper treatment. 
I also installed the drawer slides on the lower part of those carcasses.

As you can see, I also painted the unit. My vision was for a white closet, but my client didn't approve. We both picked this caramel color and I really like it.
how maximize storage space in a small closet

Then, I began working on the left wall. The only space I could tap on was the area inside the wall.

A shelf was built and installed in between the studs. To better utilize this space, I installed flip-out bins, not before giving them a makeover, since they were plain white.
teen boy room storage

Then I turned my attention to that right wall. That's an outside wall.

There I built another shelf, but much smaller than the other ones already installed. This new shelf would be for shoe storage.

A 2 x 6 base was made, just the same as the one before.
platform installation for shelves inside closet

The shelf was installed and as I mentioned, it's narrower than the ones on the back wall. Its final depth is only 12". I didn't want to close in the space.

The top part was attached to the other shelves using pocket holes and a cleat on the wall for more support.
how to install closet shelves

For most of the face frame, I used 1 x 2's. On the shoe tower, I used ¾" square molding.

I added lattice on the outside to give interest and to cover the seam at the top.
how to install shelves in closet

Well, it was time to build the drawers. I was postponing this job the most I could, but I couldn't delay it any longer.

I really. don't. like. to build drawers. :/  The cuts have to be precise.

It is the same for installing the slides, they have to be level. So many screws are needed...
how to build and install drawers
I spent a really good amount of time adjusting those drawers. There was the one that was cut a bit too short. Then, the others that somehow were out of level. And let me tell you... Way out of level!
How to build and install drawers

It all got fixed before going to work on building the drawer fronts. 

Surprisingly, the fronts were kind of easy to position. The final touches were installing the crown molding, caulking all the nooks and crannies, sanding, and painting again the whole thing.
painting newly built closet shelves
This is how it looks now.
remove swinging door and install shelves

I'm loving these bins, they fit so nicely here on this shelf in the wall!
industrial looking storage bins inside wall storage

A decorative wooden spool was repurposed as a hook, it's holding my son's flashlight but he can also use it to hang a sweater or anything!
TAUPE color closet

The trouble maker drawers turned out to be one of the features I love the most about this closet. They don't look too bad for being the first time building and installing drawers.
Industrial closet in taupe color

Perhaps the thing I love the most about the drawers is the knobs, the wood, and the rusty gold. They were a thrifty find. I bought like 40 of these knobs for five bucks!

Masculine closet makeover

Two small wooden baskets offer more storage possibilities.
the taupe drawers with wooden knobs

The corner area was divided ---> Double closet rods. The shelf in between the rods can be removed, in case we change our minds later on.
taupe and industrial looking closet

Finally, the shoe tower and all the storage space at the top. I only wish to stop seeing shoes all around the house now that he has a place to store them.

Remember, this is the first part of my son's room makeover. I still have a long way to go. I used an area rug to better style the closet. A new floor treatment for the whole room is coming. The baseboard is not nailed in place yet.
A small closet is transformed with lots of storage space

My very next project in this room is making and installing a sliding closet door. Stay tuned! Here of course is the before and after.
Boy room closet makeover - lots of storage added

Check how this closet looked after installing the sliding barn door and floors. I just love it!!
kids room closet transformed with ample storage and a sliding barn door

The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room:

vintage green door in boy room closet

how to remove swinging door

Enjoy what you read today? 



  1. Hi there .. just found your site... so inspiring! So impressed with your work! Love this closet make over .. one question .. how did you join the shelves that are atop the right side shelving unit to the shelves on the back unit? (the corner shelves ... how did you join them? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, those shelves were put together with glue and Kreg Jig screws from one board to the other, but also with the same screws driven from the boards, to where I could find studs on the wall.

  2. Hi! what is the name of that paint? I love it! I am just remodeling my closet!

    1. Thanks! I used Behr Ultra - Ottertail - Semi Gloss finish. Good luck with your project!

  3. Wow this is a beautiful transformation! I love the drawers, the color and the addition of the wooden spool all of the details are gorgeous

    1. Thanks so much Julie! The drawers are the ones my son uses the most in this closet. It looks like all the trouble paid off. Thanks for stopping by.

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