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5 Decorating Tips to Update Your Home For The New Season

Every new season I love to join my friend Marty for a brand new seasonal home tour. For me, that's the opportunity to freshen up my home and come up with new ideas or ways to reinvent the same old rooms by bringing new life into them, not only for home tour week but for the entire season ahead.

Today I want to share with you five simple steps I usually take to update most of the rooms in our home in a simple way and within a budget, yep. Most of us don't have the time or money to change the entire décor seasonally. ;)

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Having said that, you don't have to go overboard trying to change everything at once. Nope. Try to reuse what you already have and for starters, try to do a couple of changes that will bring joy to your life.
Here are the five steps I like to follow when decorating my home for the new season:


This is at the very top of my list because even if you don't do anything else, a clean and organized space will make you feel happy and want to spend more time in that room.

The seasonal home tour is a good push for me to do a good cleaning. All of the rooms get dusted, but the kitchen and bathrooms are probably the ones that get a really good scrub, or maybe the ones I spend more time cleaning? 🤔

Past seasonal décor is collected and this's also the perfect time to declutter the room and store things away where they belong.
painted kitchen cabinets
Kitchen Makeover Pendant Light | School House Ceiling Light |


You'll get a new room by simply rearranging your furniture, moving the sofa to the other side of the room, or bringing that big chair closer to the window.

I don't do it all the time, not that I haven't tried it, but my home is small and sofas and tables don't fit in many other spots than the ones they're already in.  However, I like to play with smaller pieces of furniture like chairs, side tables, or coffee tables.

This coffee table you see in this room was brought here from the living room to replace a chunky wooden table and it immediately made the room feel more open and spacious.
family room with yellow and blue for Spring
Coffee Table |  Area Rug  | DIY Built-In Yellow Throw Blanket | Wall Art


This is the moment to start the decorating phase. Using what you already have is the way to reinvent your rooms without spending any money!
Most of the time I begin with the rugs, switching them from room to room. During Spring and Summer, I like to use lighter, brighter rugs. Now, if I don't feel the need for switching the rugs or I don't have the time, they just stay put.

A few weeks ago I bought this rug that seemed to be very economical, a little over $100 for an 8x10 rug. Well, that rug made me go and change the ones in other rooms too.
| Rug |

The curtains are the next element I take into consideration. Here, I was ironing the white curtains I had in this room, but I switched them with the ones in the contiguous living room. The heavier curtains came here where I'm going to need them more when the stronger sun hits this room in the mornings.

Tip: When installing curtain hardware, try to set those rods at the same high in every room. That way you'll be able to switch curtains from one room to the other.

I also love to change or switch art pieces from room to room. I know this is not easy for everyone, you might have fine art that you're happy to see in the room year-round and that's OK. Do what works for you!

I don't own fine art, my wall décor consists mostly of DIY pieces or very economical art found at Target or Walmart. But hey, I switch it for the new season.

It's like this winter scene on the left picture doesn't go well during the Spring or summer months, so I simply added a peel and stick the paper to turn it into "new art".

Much better, right?
white and yellow decor with gold round mirror, yellow wall art and geometric rug
Vase | Coffee Table  | Faux Dogwood Branch  | Area Rug |
Rotating the pillow covers is probably one of the easiest and sure things you can do to bring a good splash of color or texture to your rooms.


Change your décor inexpensively with paper and/or paint. You can totally transform a room by painting it a new color, even by simply painting a feature wall you give it a completely new look.
Furniture pieces can also be dramatically updated with a new coat of paint.

Here, is a painted frame showcasing a black dotted paper print.

Here, the storage niche in my bathroom where peel and stick paper gave it the interest it needed.


Use flowers, plants, and branches to give your rooms instant happiness. Don't you smile when you see a pretty bouquet of flowers?
I also love to use faux flowers, they have come a long way from those plastic-y looking fellows of pasts years. The flowering branches below are a good example.

And here, one more tip:  When using a big vase and not having many flower stems or branches, you need to set those few stems you have inside a smaller vase that keeps them tight together and that fits inside the bigger vase.
The two branches have stayed right in the middle creating the illusion of fullness and not leaning towards the side of the big vase.

Got any tips or advice you've used on your own? Let me know in the comment section below! We all love to get new ideas to up our home decorating game.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?


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