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10 Essential Gardening Tools

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10 Essential tools for the gardener - Wheelbarrow, garden gloves, pruner, shovel, etc.

Hey there! 

These past few weeks I've been out in the yard, working lots on our garden. While fixing our homes landscape, I've realized how important it is to have quality tools by your side to help with whatever project you are working on, making it much easier to work and not take so long.

Having that in mind, I went ahead and put together this list of 10 gardening tools that will make you enjoy working in your garden a lot more.

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This tool set has it all. It includes an apron with plenty of pockets, a comfy foldable kneeler that doubles as a seat and three of the most used tools: a trowel, a rake and a pruner.
Gardening tools
Talk about bunk for your bang. And also a great gift.

2. Digz Signature Hi-Dex Glove
Working in the garden calls for a set of durable and comfortable gloves. And these Digz Signature women's gloves not only look good, but they do a great job protecting your hands.
Beautiful gardening gloves
The leather palm and finger and thumb patches are reinforced for more durability. The pretty material on the back is stretchable for comfort and good fit, with a breathable mesh insert.
The index finger has a special coating for you to use your cell phone while wearing the gloves. However, the most important feature, at least for me, is that they are machine washable.
My hands are small and I wear a medium size, perfect fit!
durable and comfortable gardening gloves

3. Pruning Shears
Trimming tough, sticky stems and branches is easily done with this Fiskars pruner. It offers a precise, clean cut and it has and ambidextrous design.
Essential gardening tools

4. Telescoping Bypass Looper
More cutting power and further reach. This 18 In. telescoping bypass looper comes with a tight-lock mechanism that flips up to extend the tool, and flips down to securely lock handles at desire length.
Essential gardening tools

5. Pruning Saw
Cutting medium or large branches is easily done with this pruning saw. The blade won't gum up or bind when cutting live wood and the curved design helps you get close to the tree collar for safe cuts.
Essential gardening tools

6. Watering Can
This watering can is ideal for smaller watering needs or someone requiring a lighter can. This classic hot dipped steel watering can has a large rosette that disperses water stronger than plastic and is more durable.
Essential gardening tools
7. Shovel
Nothing better than a heavy duty shovel for digging, planting, cutting sod and small roots... So many uses for it in the garden!
This Razor-Back digging shovel can be used for all... construction, lawn and garden work.
Essential gardening tools

8. Rake
The Razor-Back 24-Tine Steel Leaf rake is used for clearing leaves and debris from lawns. The flexible steel tines will pull out thatch for a healthier lawn. The steel head is bolted to the handle for a secure connection while raking.
Essential gardening tools

9. Wheelbarrow
Bringing mulch to the flower beds using a bucket made me realize I need a wheelbarrow! 
This True Temper wheelbarrow is the one I want. It has a spacious 6 cu. ft. steel tray, rugged steel handles and flat-free tire. Sturdily built and designed to provide years of service.
Essential gardening tools

10.  Milwaukee QuikLok System - String Trimmer - Edger - Pole Saw - Hedge Trimmer
Last but not least, the Milwaukee QuikLok system is a power house for your garden. Designed for landscape maintenance. One power head that is compatible with multiple attachments such as an edger, string trimmer, pole saw and hedge trimmer. Each sold separately.  more about the QuikLok System HERE.
Essential gardening tools

10 Essential tools for the gardener - Wheelbarrow, garden gloves, pruner, shovel, etc.

Well, I'm still at it.. working in the garden. I've been using a lot of these tools and they've really made that tough job way easier to accomplish.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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