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DIY - Big Farmhouse Wall Art for Under $30

dining room with black and white picture art of the liberty milling co.

Hi friends,

Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my previous post, they really made my week!
I was so tired after completing the entire dining room project, that on Tuesday afternoon, after the post went live and I updated some links, I went to take a nap.

Yep. I hardly ever take naps, but my body really needed some rest. The funny thing is,
it was a dark gloomy day and yeah, I fell asleep immediately, only to wake up 30 minutes later all disoriented, thinking it was early morning and I had to send my son to school! :D

Oh well, I'm feeling much better now.

As promised, I have all the details on how you can create a BIG - farmhouse style picture like the one you saw above the bench in the dining room.

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black and white picture inside the bank in Germantown MD

Inspiration struck when I was doing the line at my neighborhood's bank. They have this mural, right there by the little counter were you get the deposit/withdraw slips. As I was standing there, admiring the picture, because I already knew the history about it, the idea of bringing it home sparked.
I took the pic with my phone and at home, I did a mediocre Photoshop job to remove the stand, trash can and the hand sanitizer stand.

black and white old picture

They also have this big picture of the train station at the entrance.

This is an easy project and I'm giving you the links, some of them are affiliate links. I think you can totally make this project even if you don't have sophisticated tools.

The materials and tools you'll need for a piece of art that's 39" x 48":

The final dimension of my board is 39" x 48". I gave 3 more inches to its height for the frame not to cover the print. On the sides, I didn't have that option, that's the widht of the board, that means, the frame covered the picture on the sides.

I drew a line at the top side of the board, to use it as a guide of where my picture should be glued.

Cristina Garay applying ModPodge to plywood for a farmhouse wall art

Then, the ModPodge was applied. I simply poured a good amount of it onto the board, and spread it with a brush.

old style art

I have no pics for the next step because that's when both hands get busy. And, it's right here were you need at least one extra set of hands to help you bring the picture onto the sticky board.
I called my husband and my two kids, each of us at one corner. We first laid the top of the picture, following the line I drew. As we were lowering the top part, my kids were grabbing the lower corners, keeping the picture straight and lowering it slowly and gradually from top to bottom onto the board. It looked PERFECT!

Though, after some minutes, I noticed some ripples forming, especially at the top and other little areas. - I guess that happened because I used more than enough ModPodge. If I'd do it again, I'm going to use a squeegee or old credit card to remove the extra ModPodge before laying down the picture.

lumber - using lumber as wall art frame

I didn't wait for the ModPodge to dry to add the frame, I was running out of time with this project.
I mitered my corners but you don't have to. Farmhouse style goes better with straight cuts that you can do at the Home Depot. If you go for straight cuts, you'll need two pieces at 39" and two pieces at 46.5"

wall art

The frame is mounted on top of the board/picture. I used glue and my favorite Brad Nailer with ¾" nails driven from the back.

The furring strips weren't stained, not even sanded. I used remaining pieces from other projects, some of them were so curved that I had to clamp them to make them stay still.

farmhouse dining room
DIY - Coffered Ceiling |

That's the other thing, if you don't have a nailer, or don't want to use nails. I think you can use wood glue or Elmer's glue to attach the frame to the board. Making sure the wooden frame is in contact with the other wooden surface, not the paper, and clamping both surfaces until the glue dries.

black and white wall art - some ripples on it created by too much ModPodge

Here you can see the ripples I was talking about. I thought they're going to be more noticeable, but nope, hard to notice from the other side of the table.

The final part is to add the sawtooth hangers on the back.

red and white decor in dining room with planked wall, bench, built-ins and black and white wall art

I had most of the materials for this project and only had to pay the seven something for the print.
I was dancing on one foot at the great deal for such a big impact, one of a kind piece of art!

The other sign in the room was this one:
Eat drink and be merry - Santa Claus & co. Brand

It was also a picture I had in my phone.  Again, I used thin plywood as a backer, but without glue or ModPodge since it's so small (12" x 12"). A small screen bead trim was used for the frame.

The liberty milling co. picture in black and white with wooden tone frame.

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  1. Way cool, Cristina! Have you tried gently sticking a pin in the ripples and gently smoothing it down?

    1. Thanks Brenda! This paper's so thin and it was such a big area that I didn't want to mess with it. Even with ripples and twisted boards, I'm not a bit disappointed at the end result.

  2. It looks amazing! I just love the look of a big piece like that and it's perfect for that spot. And I can't believe the mural in your bank. Let's just say banks aren't that quaint around here lol.

  3. This is wonderful, Cristina! It's such a big statement piece and the black and white looks fantastic with your decor. Thanks for the instructions. :)


  4. You are amazing, Cristina! What a beautiful project. No wonder you had to take a nap. :) I am pinning and saving this post for future use. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Simply gorgeous Cristina! Try a brayer to roll out the print next time. :) You won't risk ripping the paper. That said, I had to really look for any ripples... you did a great job and it has a huge impact! :) Way to go!!! :))))
    ~ Christina in FL

    1. Ha, I had to Google that. I had no idea what a brayer was. And that's right, it looks like the perfect tool to prevent that problem. 👍 Thanks Christina! This one is going to my wish list. 😉

  6. Love this to the moon and back! I'll be making one from some view he chooses for my son's new apartment. Thanks for sharing this great idea! Happy Holidays! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  7. Perfecto!!!! This is such a beautiful accent to that space and for $30!!! What a great project.

  8. Cristina,
    Your wall art is one of a kind and I love how you created this. Amazing and beautiful in your new dining room.

  9. So cute. What a great idea and a wonderful image.

  10. I love this! I can't wait to give it a try! Visiting from Make it Pretty Monday.

  11. I love this so much!! Can you please send me a link to be able to print this picture? I clicked the link in the article and it didn't do anything. The email I use is . I am willing to buy the file from you as well. I love this photo so much, you did an incredible job!

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