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Letter M - Industrial Wall Decor

Industrial letter M wall decor

Hey there!

One thing you cannot ignore when entering this room is the BIG letter M.

That big chunk of wall was calling for something big. At first, I wanted to hang or paint a chalkboard, but then, the thought of getting lots of dust on the dark floors kept me away from it.

So, the letter M won this battle. I'm glad my son's name begins with such an easy letter. :)

Yeah, it was easy, but since I wasn't following a tutorial, some trial and error was necessary, as you can see in the picture below.

The good thing is, you don't have to go through that trouble.

I measured and took note and here you can download the plan. Hey, I even have measurements for the "rivet" placement. ;)

*This post contains affiliate links.

The materials and tools you'll need: 

Follow the plan to draw the letter onto the wood and cut the shape out using the jig saw.

I was working on this project during the big snow storm a couple of weeks ago, the garage was very cold. I quickly made the cuts without any guides and darted inside the home to finish the rest.

Note: when cutting with a jig saw, the bottom side of the wooden piece gets a cleaner face, splintering occurs along the top surface.

In order to give the letter some depth, parting bead was added. You can buy it at any home center or you can make your own, even a bit deeper.
The parting bead was cut to cover all the sides of the letter, and was attached with wood glue, clamping the pieces while they dried.

I didn't pay much attention to the joints, after all, they were not going to show.

Once dry and ready to move on, the rough plywood edge was just too much. But, I didn't want to go and sand it. :/

The solution for smooth edges: Duck Tape. I found this weird design in my stash.

It worked great!

At this point you can finish it any way you want. I was going for an industrial look, my idea was to make it look like metal.

By accident - My daughter was working on a craft project - and out of all her supplies one googly eye fell to the floor, as I picked it up, the idea of using it as rivets appeared. They were hot glued along the center line.

Then, two coats of black acrylic paint were applied.

The final step was to spray paint it with metallic paint.

I'm not too happy at how this step went. It looks patchy. :(
I have a good excuse, though. I spray painted it inside the house and the fear of making the entire house small like paint terrified me. I did little sprays and it shows!

Once warmer temperatures arrive I'll do it again. ;)

Oh, two sawtooth hangers were added on the top/back in order to hang it onto the wall.

As  you notice, the roman shade arrived. I bought it HERE. A 33W" x 64L" Gray - Cordless roman shade - After some specials they were having, I paid $33. So far, so good.

Ha, a good project for the Martha, Michael, Mary, Mark, Michelle, Matthew.... In your family!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. So clever! Especially the "rivets"!!
    ~Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

  2. Me encanta el carácter industrial de esa letra ,, pensé que la habías pintado y es papel ,,, ?

  3. Looks like letters are very popular piece in the interior design now. I'd love to have a P in my dinning room. I could use it as a table.

  4. Who knew that you used 'eyes' for the rivets...and duct tape...crazy good!

    1. Sophisticated stuff is what we use around here, Terry! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is such a fantastic focal point in your son's room!
    Mary Alice

  6. That is wonderful! And the googly eyes, LOL. Can you imagine someone stripping that 25 years from now and finding the eyes underneath?

    1. LOL!!! What on earth is this -would be their expression! :D
      Thanks for the good laugh Julie!

  7. Awesome, and googly eyes!! lol! Love it, using what you got! :)

  8. To me it doesn't look patchy, it looks like metal! I was actually reading through the tutorial for how to get that metallic look, I guess I know now, less is more. :D

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate you telling me this! My husband said the same but I didn't buy it. You know we are our worst critics.

  9. To be honest, your version is way better than a huge letter I just bought from Land of Nod for my son's room!

  10. This is amazing Cristina!! The googly-eyes, the duct tape, so smart!!!!! I love how it came out!

  11. What metallic spray paint did you use?

    1. Hi Ashley, I just added the direct link -aff.- to the same kind of spray paint I used: Rust-Oleum metallic silver spray paint.

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