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An Easy Solution to the Wrong Message

I just have a quick tip for you today.

It's about the pillow... The Oh Snap! pillow.

Last year when I was on the look-out for things/decor items for this room. I kept on looking mostly at clearance stuff, like some of the baskets, the clocks, and this pillow.

I found the pillow at Nordstrom Rack at the end of Summer. The thing I liked the most about it was the picture of the camera - my son likes cameras-  it was something I could incorporate in his room. Buuut, the cheesy Valentine message and the
heart were the things that made me hesitate about buying it. Ha, especially for a teen boy! :)

However, for less than five dollars price for pillowcase and insert, I thought it was a good buy and I could make it work!

My first idea on how to fix it was to add a piece of fabric over the message and maybe over the heart, but just the thought of getting the sewing machine out was too much for the lazy in me. Maybe, fabric glue would've worked but I didn't have any...

Then, I remember the transfer paper! (Affiliate link)  The light bulb moment appeared.

I always keep this kind of transfer paper in my stash. It's so easy to use.  You print your design, iron it on your piece of fabric and duh, it's done!

The last time I used it was for making these kitchen towel gifts. I'm telling you EASY!

So, I got the paper out to use it on this pillow again, and decided I was not going to worry about the little letters.

Using a big font and trying to make the whole thing look intentional worked better.

The heart was not covered that well, but who cares!

Have you use this kind of paper? What others have you used?

I hope this gives you ideas for next time you find something at a good price but with the wrong message.


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  1. Love your ideas and creativity-always!

  2. I love how you transformed the pillow, and transfer paper is awesome, I should get some!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love the pillow with the camera message. A perfect piece for my bedroom interior.

  5. I love the pillow. It's beautiful.

  6. Isn't it great how crafters/bloggers can find ways to work around things that aren't exactly what they want? I Love it. Just use our imaginations and we're all fixed up. Great save. That would bother me, don't like to pass on good deals if I Can fix them.
    I am a big user of transfer paper. I use Avery brand but that's cause it's available at Walmart and it's convenient and decent price. Where do you buy that better transfer paper? I've read about it but haven't seen it here in our area. Grand Junction is always slow to get new things. Drives me crazy but it's how it is here. We live few miles west of G.J.
    Hey your pillow looks fantastic, love how you saved the day the way you did.
    I remember talking to you year or so ago. Do you still live around San Diego?
    Time for me to get to bed so will say goodnight. Happy Valentines day.

    1. Thanks Srpprcrftr! Isn't it fun getting into these challenges?! :) I usually buy it through Amazon - free shipping - Gotta check that one from Walmart. No, I live in the Wash. D.C area but I would love to visit Sand Diego some day!

  7. Way to go Cristina! What a find and what a turnaround you did too!

  8. Yo no he usado nunca ese tipo de papel de transferencia y no entiendo cómo se hace , he pensado e hacerlo como tú sobre tela pero aún no entiendo cómo se hace

  9. Acrylic paint would have worked to cover up certain parts. Maybe next time?

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