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15 Beautiful Barn Door Ideas

sliding barn door, wood tone, blue, white, rustic

I'm somehow disappointed by the fact that this post should've been about my barn door, and here I am showing you a compilation of them. Well, that's why I'm not completely disappointed, these doors are gorgeous! They've been the inspiration to create mine. 

I spent a really good amount of time trying to find some reclaimed wood but nope, the one I found was out of my budget. So, new lumber is the one I'm using.

The other reason that's making me have such a delay is the floor in the room. I'm DIY'ing it, it's a long process, and I kinda wanted to have it in place before installing the door. I'm not sure if that's going to happen.

Anyhow, I'm leaving you with these beautiful doors, you can click on each of the links for further details, many of them have complete tutorials on how to make and install them. Enjoy!

inexpensive barn door

rustic sliding barn door

rustic, laundry room with sliding barn door

mud room with sliding barn door on natural wood.

two vintage doors were converted into a barn door

chunky horizontal slats created this door

rustic barn door in girl's room

barn door leading to a master bedroom closet

five panel vintage door is converted into a sliding barn door for bathroom in master bedroom

closet sliding barn doors

blue old vintage door with window is transformed into sliding door

barn door at bathroom entrance

a couple of vintage doors are transformed into a barn door

a metal tin roof leaf is adapted as a sliding barn door

Rustic barn door

Which one's your favorite?

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Love them all. Especially the HGTV one. I love the richness of the wood.

  2. These are all so beautiful so hard to choose a favorite. Sorry you're having a hard time creating your own. I know in the end it will be beautiful with your new floors too.

  3. While barn doors are all the rage, I don't think they would work for me. These are the things I think about: They are clunky. Moving them makes noise. Closing them isn't as easy as a regular door. They take more time to open and close. Can they even be locked? I don't have one, and I haven't had the experience of using one, but this is how I feel about them.

    We have one door that needs to be different from what is there now. It is a bathroom door. The door opens into the bathroom and hits the toilet. We have to side-step into the bathroom, then close the door in order to get to the toilet — not an easy fit for when I really need to go!!! I see our only option is to put in a pocket door, even though it is about the same as a barn door. I think of it as the lesser evil to the barn door and almost a necessity to replacing a door that hits the toilet. We have threatened to remove the door and put up a curtain. That wouldn't be good for company (that we don't get often any way), so that won't be happening. And, re-configuring the bathroom would be cost prohibitive. (The house is built on a concrete slab!) We'll be thinking about a resolution while we save up to do something to that bathroom!

    1. Mine is the blue door from BatchelorsWay, and you would be surprised how quiet they can be. Our hardware was from Home Depot and it glides like butter and very quiet. Even though my door is pretty heavy. I saw lots of them lately at a local home show though and many of them were very hard to operate. So it has a lot to do with the hardware you choose.

    2. I have a half bath with a pocket door, the biggest issue we have with it is the lock mechanism, so just be sure to get a good one. Except for that, it is probably the best option in my humble opinion!

  4. This is so bizarre that you are posting about barn doors as my daughterr just built one from iron pipe and large eye hooks. It worked perfectly. I love all of your inspiration pics Cristina.

  5. Thanks for featuring my door! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

  6. has anyone used a smaller version for a fireplace? would love some inspiration

    1. Ha, yeah, my friend Tasha designed one for her fireplace, complete details right here:

  7. All of these 15 barn door ideas are looks great. I'm looking for colorful door ideas. Can you suggest some sweet colorful barn door designs pages?

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