Changes Coming for Boy's Room

gingham blue curtains in boy room, crib

I was planning on updating my backyard, but with the mister with a bad knee and knowing that I need his help, I just had to postpone that update.

Then, I was going to begin building some shelves in my family room, I'm in need of storage in that room since the time I sold the hutch, there's been an empty space that keeps on calling me to begin building something in its place.

However, just as I was ready to begin work in the family room, my boy, the boy that hardly ever asks for clothing, shoes, or things for his room, requested a bedroom makeover! I kind of looked at him in disbelief when he said, he needed a desk in his room, and as a matter of fact he said he wanted to have kind of a new room! :)

I just had to promised him that would be my very next project.

He has a small bedroom, it once belonged to his sister when she was the only kid in this household.

dragons painted on wall and girl flower bedding

At that time the room was transformed into a land of dragons, just because she loved the t.v. program Dragon Tales.

crib with blue bedding, stripes on wall

Once we were waiting for baby boy we had to get rid of the dragons. Big girl was transferred to a bigger room and I kept busy decorating the nursery.

baby blue color nursery with stripes and stars, quilt art on wall

All the meadows the room sported before were changed for white and baby blue stripes, which by the way didn't last long.

Thomas the tank engine bedding, train art on wall, train themed room.

Baby boy grew fast and in no time he was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, so, yeah, you guessed it ...  His room was a train factory with Thomas taking center stage.

crib, train room

Since then, the room has stayed pretty much the same.  Two years ago we were having visitors, my sister and her baby boy came to stay with us for a month, because of that, I found a crib to make things easier for my sister and nephew.

The visitors left and the crib was taken out, well, I decided to use a part of the crib as a headboard, the other part went to the guest room as a daybed.

This is the room where I've been bringing things that I cannot accommodate in any other room in the house.  Remember this buffet/dresser that I scored for free on Craiglist? It's final place was right here. My boy hates it!

This big chair that I had in my room found a sunny spot right here by the window, blocking the entrance to the closet. Surprisingly he likes this chair, he says it's very comfy, he hasn't even paid attention to all those flowers! :D

In order to take these pics I had to move it from side to side! Here, the other side of the room.

 The closet in all its glory! Truth is, he hardly ever uses it. It needs better storage.

As you can see his love for trains is long gone, he has been through Bakugans, Bayblades and lately Minecraft, though he doesn't want a themed room. He's almost reaching his teen years, he wants an older boy room.

Perhaps, one of the things I need to change immediately is the color of the ceiling. I painted this sky full of "clouds" for the Dragon room. I still need to learn how to paint clouds, these didn't cut it at all! :)

Oh well, stay tuned for the progress in this room. I think I'm getting in that closet first.


The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room after this post:
navy blue girl room with green accents

red accents on daybed

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  1. It was so fun to look back at the beautiful rooms you created for your children. My daughter was a big fan of Dragon Tales too and I know she would have loved your daughter's room when she was little. So excited to see how your transform your son's room. I know with your amazing DIY skills it will be awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Brandi! It was fun going through all those old pictures trying to find the ones I needed. We were stuck with Zack and Wheezy, Org, and Cassie for a loooong time! :)

  2. Can't wait to see how you transform the room.

  3. Isn't it kind of bittersweet to see the transformation from baby to big boy? Can't wait to see what you come up with. xo Diana

  4. Your journey sounds like ours. I can't wait to see the room when your done!!

  5. How sweet to look back at your children's room and see how much has changed. Love the teen's room. : )

  6. Hola amiga querida !, que gran bellas las habitaciones de tus hijos , y que decir del dormitorio de alojados es una maravilla ,, sobretodo por todos esos Diy especialmente ese piso con stencil

  7. Can't wait to see your magic on this one!

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