DIY - Modern Powder Room Makeover

Cristina Garay painting powder room SW-Tricorn Black

It's time to reveal this tiny powder room! It took me almost ten years to go back inside this bathroom to give it a brand new look. But hey, it's done and I'm loving its new modern take!

Powder rooms are the one teensy space in our homes that can withstand bold decorating choices and I sure took that statement to the t to give this private dwelling the wow factor I hope my guests and family will cherish when they step inside this room.

As you can see in this first picture I went to the dark side. 

Yep. No more boring white walls.

I once again went for a bold treatment, painting all the walls in this little room black and adding a stenciled feature wall.

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If you're one of my regulars, you probably know that I'd already completed a few DIY projects in this room. A new planked ceiling, a floating vanity, and a recessed toilet paper holder. It was now time to paint those walls.

The new wall color: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in a Satin finish.
The ceiling and trim color: Behr White in a Semi-Gloss finish

Painting the walls in black was a bit scary, but I knew that it would work if I use the right type of paint with a good amount of sheen to help bounce the light.

I have to tell you that it totally worked!

The first compliments I received came from each of my kids who separately told me how the room feels much bigger. 😉
Modern powder room makeover with a stenciled design

But hey, let's go to all the juicy details starting off with the tired before. This bath is a small box 32" x 7' x 9' high. Ha, a little lower after installing the planked ceiling.

It consists of three main areas as you can see in the picture below:

1. The sink/vanity area
2. The main wall or what you see when standing in the foyer, and
3. The back area where the toilet and the floating shelves are located.

a tiny powder room gets a modern makeover


The pedestal sink had been with us for more than 20 years, needless to say, I was ready for something new. The same thing happened with the oval mirror and the light that the hubs installed back guards a long time ago. 
pedestal sink and oval frameless mirror


The new vanity area is just awesome!
a white oak modern vanity, black walls and hexagon design on wall
|    Mirror    |    Pendant Light    |    Rug    |

This floating bathroom vanity is a fairly easy DIY project if you happen to have a small enclosed area like the one I have here. 

The Calacatta quartz countertop with that pretty gray veining is one of my favorite features in this bathroom. I love that's maintenance-free and stain-resistant and that's not even counting all the space that I now have around the sink. It's priceless! 

I went with a high backsplash - 9" and I'm delighted at how the fabricator continued the veining design so flawlessly between both parts.
Catalatta quartz modern sink countertop with high arch faucet
|    Sink    |

I used white oak plywood for the vanity construction and I couldn't be happier with that decision. The wood grain is that natural element this bathroom needed.

I finished all the wooden pieces with three coats of matte Poly, sanding with 320-grid sandpaper in between coats.

NOTE:  That back wooden board behind the P-trap (picture below) is 1/4" plywood underlayment. My initial plan was to also paint the stenciled design onto this board, but the more I lived with the all-wooden vanity the less I wanted to bring the bold design below the countertop. 

As I pointed out during the vanity build, this 1/4" plywood is removable. Later on, I might change it to 1/4" white oak to better match the grain with the other pieces.
modern powder room makeover
|    Faucet    |    P-Trap    |    Towels    | 


A feature wall was a high priority since the beginning of this powder room makeover. I first thought of installing a peel and stick wallpaper, but I didn't go with that idea because I think that the p&s wallpaper's plastic nature somehow looks cheap. Now, nothing wrong with that, I've been using this type of wallpaper in many rooms. Here in this bathroom where we're going to be "face-to-face" with that treatment I wanted something better.

Then I thought about installing tile, but I didn't want to commit to a pattern and the thought of removing it, later on, made me go and check at stencil designs.

I fell in love with this hexagon design, it looks like tile. I'm preparing another post with lots more details about the painting and the stenciling done in this room. 

painted hexagon design in modern powder room
|    Hexagon Stencil    |


Getting the right mirror for this powder room took me quite some time, but in the end, I succeed with a mirror that gives a soft glow around the area and most importantly on your face. 

I first tried another mirror with a front lighted band all around the mirror, but the light was too intense. I had to return it. 

The light from this new mirror is installed on the back of it. It illuminates the wall and the light bounces to the front. The LED light is dimmable and controlled with a touch switch. It's anti-fog and the best part is that it's also hardwired. Each time we turn on the light switch, the mirror and the lights go on. Although you can also use this mirror with a plugin they include.
LED back lit round mirror in powder room


The white-planked ceiling keeps things bright up there. However, the 2-light cluster pendant with its modern minimalistic design brightens up the entire space.

I like the design, price, and how this light works in my space. On the contrary, I'm not too fond of the gold finish, it seems as if it's painted, it's dull. 
planked ceiling and hexagon wall stencil design
|    Pendant Light   |    DIY - Planked Ceiling   |


A gallery wall with a set of Paris prints was what this wall sported for many years. I loved it, but it was time to say goodbye to it.
a Paris gallery wall in powder room

When the bathroom door is open, this is the view when standing there in the foyer after stepping inside the house's main door.
abstract blue art, black wall and geometric black and white rug - zz plant outside

I didn't want another gallery wall, instead, I got this big abstract art that I found at HomeGoods.  I adore the white frame with the small gold detail against that black wall. The blue, taupe, and black tones in the print are the dash of color this bathroom needed.

powder room makeover with black walls
It also ties in with all the blue tones I've added around the house, especially in the opposite living room.
staircase and birds flying peel and stick wallpaper
|    Wallpaper     |    Mirror    |    Curtains    |


The floating shelves were a DIY project that I tackled many years ago. I used them to display my old bottle collection, which kept on growing and growing making this entire area look way too messy.
DIY Floating shelves above the toilet with a old bottle collection


The shelves got a mini-makeover and now the black paint makes them pop! I also installed a can light back here on the ceiling and I adore how it brightens up and highlights all the pretties on the shelves. 
powder room makeover in SW Tricorn black, abstract art

I went for a less-is-more kind of approach to style the shelves.
ribbed jar candle with wooden cover on shelves

Faux plants are my way to go when decorating shelves or bookcases. If I use real plants they get forgotten.
Rattan candle cover - faux grass plant
|   Faux Plant   |   B&W Print   |

I couldn't get rid of my entire bottle collection. 😅

I painted gold the pumps of these soap bottles and now they make a statement here on the shelves.
Brown soap bottles with gold painted pumps

A bunch of toilet paper rolls is stored inside a wire basket atop the toilet tank.
powder room in SW Tricorn black - wooden shelves

Oh, and let's not forget the DIY - recessed toilet paper holder. I like how it looks painted black.
modern powder room in SW Tricorn black
|   DIY - Recessed Toilet Paper Holder   |   Wire Basket   |   Rug   |

Well, that's all that's happened in this little powder room!

Let's take a final look at these three main areas. 

First, while standing by the staircase in the foyer.
Small powder room modern makeover with an abstract art

A wide view of that back area with the floating shelves.
Powder room makeover in black and white - modern design

And my favorite view while sitting on the loo. 😂 
I'm still amazed at how awesome is my new i-phone 13 for taking wide shots. 
A modern powder room makeover in black and white

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

I hope you've enjoyed this small powder room makeover, my wish is that you can draw some ideas to put into practice in your very own project. I'm still working on a small video about this makeover. As soon as I finish it, I'll post it.

A rough estimate of the total cost of this makeover is $1,700 which includes all the materials (countertop, ceiling planks, etc.) and decor objects as well as the price I paid for plumbing. Not included in this price are the tools, wooden materials like 2x4s, nails, and primer that I had at hand.

It would mean the world if you can share this project on your social media channels. 


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Here are all the projects tackled in this room:

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  1. This looks amazing! You did such a great job with the stencilling, and I also love the floating shelves and really everything about this room!

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    1. Thanks so much, Morgane! Yes, the sink is nice and deep and all the real estate around it is 👌

  3. Oh MY Gosh this is gorgeous, I'm in love with this space 😍

  4. You are SO amazing Cristina. Every project you touch is a winner. This is outstanding!

    1. Rita, you're as always SO very kind. Thank you!


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