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Recycling At Its Best! A pretty house in Puerto Samaria

Puerto Samaria Colombia

Hello there!

I'm back with another travel post during my stay in Colombia's coffee region earlier this year. This time I'm giving you a tour of a beautiful house where upcycling and recycling were a top priority.  
My previous post was about the little farm / Airbnb where we stayed. From there, we went on little trips around the area. 

Here we were atop an open jeep and ready to depart to our first adventure: Rafting down the river.

Cristina Garay - Montenegro Quindio

After a few miles throughout the city, we all stood up to see the views and also because the road got really bumpy. 

The picture below is of a papaya plantation. We also saw pineapple, plantain, corn fields as well as lots of cattle along the way.
Quindio Colombia - coffee region

The plan for the day was going rafting down La Vieja River (The Old Lady). Our tour guy took us to this little hamlet alongside the river known as Puerto Samaria, the starting point for our adventure.

What we didn't know was that this entry point had the most darling house where everything was put to good use!

As we arrived, COVID precautions were high. Masks were on and we disinfected our shoe soles before entering.
beautiful house where upcycling is top priority

As I was turning around the corner, I quickly snapped this picture. Those plants looked super cute. Too bad I didn't take a pic of the entire front of the house. 

The little house in this post's first picture was a cute house I saw on my way there traveling in the Jeep.

Puerto Samaria Colombia

As I got to the back of the house, I couldn't believe my eyes! How gorgeous is this?! 

Recycled planters

It's here where they store the life vests. So, of course, we had to stop by and each of us got a vest before getting to the river.
rafting down Rio La Vieja - Quindio

I quickly put on my life vest and continued admiring the garden and how spotless this entire house looked.

Here you can see my sister completely mesmerized with everything that we were experiencing in this pretty yard. Can you spot all the upcycling going on?

upcycled bottles as planters

I know. 

It's hard to see it when it looks SO good! 

This gorgeous plant is housed inside a simple container that somehow atop a pretty rock looks so stylish. 
Upcycled plastic container as planter

The flowers? 

They're a complete story for another post. They're all AMAZING!
Bamboo flower house

This view with the black doors and more beautiful recycled planters is adorable!
recycled bottles -

I love the vertical garden reusing old plastic soda bottles.

how to upcycle plastic soda bottles

And how about those hanging baskets?  Genius! The contrasting color is striking and complements the blooms nicely.

The little garden house is built out of bamboo that is grown widely around the area. Here once again, another cute display of pretty pots.
Bamboo flower house

Another vertical garden on this adobe wall with a super cute bamboo planter.

This garden flourishes year-round!

And there again, more recycling materials: The tire, blue plastic bottles, and the bamboo.

The homeowners are not only on a mission to reuse all those plastic containers and materials in creative ways, but they also recycled organic manner in a homemade composting bin they had far in the yard. 

Here the guy was giving us a tour and explaining the process. 👏👏
Puerto Samaria Colombia

The family has been educating the community and visitors alike on the importance of recycling as this is something that not only this community, but the entire country as a whole have not seen the necessity of until recently. They give advice on how to start your own composting bin as well as tips on growing local fruit and fauna.   

It wasn't a surprise when we met the son of this creative and artistic couple, a young man that has strong musical talent, Check out his story:

I love how with technology and a great set of parents at our sides, we can reach the stars! 
This young man will sure fly high. 

Please, be a helping hand for him during his journey by visiting his channel, subscribing, and sharing his story and his music!

Check this other video right HERE where his music was used for a commercial.

Rio La Vieja

There are more great uses for the bamboo grown in the area: The fence and parts of the bench.

This was the view from up here: The river.

And right there, on the water, the raft was awaiting us!

rafting - balsaje

Check all the pictures and details about rafting down Rio La Vieja right HERE

Oh, it was lots of fun!

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