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My Travels: A little Farm in Colombia's Coffee Region

red and blue house with a front porch

Hello there!

Memories came flooding back as I was looking through all the pictures of this little farm in Montenegro, a town in the heart of Colombia's coffee region. 

Back in January, I traveled to Colombia and as usual, my point of entrance and mainstay was in the capital, Bogota. However, my sisters and I carved a few days out of our busy schedules to get on the road and visit this important zone, about 200 miles west of Bogota.

This was going to be my very first visit the center of the coffee zone, and although it sounds like a paradox, (because in reality, I lived in the outskirts of that area for almost 18 years, as I was born there), I never had the time or resources to go visit and enjoy this beautiful place.

I made a little video of our entire stay here in Colombia's coffee region. Check it out down below!

The Colombian coffee region is a rural area that is famous for growing and producing the majority of Colombia's coffee.

The weather, ranging from 46° F to 76° F along with its geographical position in the middle of the Andes mountains are key factors for the high quality of the coffee that's produced here.

Our first challenge: Conquering the Andes! 

Boy o' boy, climbing and descending those mountains was no joke. Going up and down those loopy, winding roads along with the altitude changes made my daughter very sick. :(  However, the views and the entire landscape are just amazing. You can feel how the temperature changes, getting cold as you reach the top and back to warm as you descend.

The total trip was about eight hours.

As we reached our destination, I was surprised to see the amount of plantain tree fields flanking the way as I was expecting tons of coffee bushes. Another interesting sight was the blue plastic bags used to protect the plantain bunches.

Our plan was for us to stay here on this little farm and do daily trips around the area. I remember looking on Airbnb for a house, better yet, a traditional farm in the area for us to stay. I didn't want to stay in a regular hotel. 

Well, I'm happy we got to stay in this pretty house.

The porch was the place to be as the sun was setting down.

Right in front of the main house was this other little house where I assume the people taking care of the farm lived.

The swimming pool and another little house are located towards the back of the property. I love how the plantain and palm trees frame their view.

My nieces had a really good time playing in this pool.

Let's get inside the house. This is the view as you pass the main entrance door. A big T.V. room with plenty of chairs. On the left, there's this concrete bar/bench combo looking towards the kitchen.

Sorry about this blurry pic, but here you can see it better. The bar, the arched window, and on the other side the kitchen.

Our rooms were very simple and modest. Beds to rest, a bathroom, and shelves where to store our belongings.

I have to admit that the beds were a bit too hard for my liking. Ha, nothing that we couldn't get used to. And given that we were on a farm, we were usually awakened at five in the morning by the sound of roosters crowing, pigs oinking and birds chirping. Oh, we loved it!

Breakfast was served at 8:00 A.M. Eggs, arepas (corn patties), cheese, hot chocolate, fruit, and of course coffee!
This was our view during breakfast. The back of the main house with this orange tree and lots more tropical plants with the most beautiful flowers.

Oh, and right there in the middle of the yard was this water well. Ha, it was empty, but it looked super cute. :)

Most of the time we stayed outside, on the porch, relaxing in the hammock as my sisi was doing here.
Hammock on porch - Colombia coffee farm

But overall, the swimming pool was the place to be, especially during warm days.

All those tropical plants not only here, but in the entire area are gorgeous!

Oh well, that's it for today, but stay tuned because my next post is all about our first excursion. We got onto this Jeep that picked us up here at the farm very early one morning.
Cristina Garay - Colombia coffee zone


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