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Beautiful Herb Markers for your Garden

Good morning friends!

I have a bragging post for you today. I know, I know, we all hate those boastful people. :D

But, I couldn't contain myself after receiving this cute set of herb markers for my little garden.

Aren't they gorgeous!

These pretty ceramic markers were my daughter's creation, she gifted them to me as a mother's day present. 😍🥰 

Well, I couldn't leave my pretty gift there in the garden without taking a gazillion pictures.
And you guess it right, those pictures couldn't be left there in the dark either.

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herb markers on the ground

My daughter's improving her pottery skills every week at Something Earthy Pottery Studio. She loves to go and unwind by throwing bowls on the pottery wheel or making creations by hand with the guidance of the owner Linda whom she admires. 

Now, if you live here in the greater Washington D.C. area and are interested in learning or getting into creating ceramics you would love it here! Her studio is a farm as well, where you can see chickens and goats roaming outside the window. You can even be visited by a fluffy friend in the studio! Nestled inside the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve her studio is surrounded by small family farms that raise livestock and grow crops.  

My daughter was here, documenting the process of making the markers. After rolling out the clay she used a 'cookie cutter' made specifically for creating uniform markers  
Ceramic classes - pottery studio

She then stamped the herb names onto the clay using regular letter stamps.
How to make ceramic herb markers for your garden

And then, she let them be. Letting them dry out over multiple days before the first firing. Oh, there, in this picture below you can see the cookie-cutter/mold used to shape the markers.
how to make ceramic herb markers

After the first firing, she used multiple colors of underglaze topped with a coat of clear glaze to achieve an ombre effect, something that was new for her. Luckily, one of her peers in the studio that day had more experience in this field and help her achieve seamless transitions between colors. 
I love them!!
gardening - ceramic herb markers on the soil

Every morning as I water the plants, these pretty markers sure put a smile on my face.
garden tools - marking your plants

In my hand, they looked quite big. Here in the garden, they're just perfect, about 8" long. They feel very strong. 💙
Mint ceramic marker with ombre effect

Here's a wide shot of this little area in the garden where the herbs were planted.  
garden bed with herbs and flowers

Mint is doing great, basil not so much, someone is eating it. We just planted this tiny rosemary after rooting it for a few weeks close to the kitchen window.
how to make ceramic herb markers

The cilantro is surprisingly doing great, last year by this same time, it was almost gone.

As you can see, I'm having fun witnessing the growth happening here. The new herb markers add even more color and interest to this little corner of the garden.

I didn't want to leave you all drooling there and that's why I went ahead and compiled a good bunch of beautiful herb markers that you can bring to your own garden!  

Look at that, so many beautiful designs and colors! Click the number link below the picture to get to each herb marker design.

Herb/ plant markers in a variety of colors and shapes
            ⑦    ⑨  ⑩  ⑪   

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*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Cristina, those herb markers are beautiful! What a thoughtful and useful gift. I spent more than an hour last week looking on Etsy for markers but none of the vendors had all of the herb markers that I needed. I thought about finding a shop to make my own and your daughter has proven to me that it can be done. Tell her that she has inspired me! The markers look so nice in your garden. You might want to put your Mint in a pot as it has a tendency to take over a garden.

    1. Hi Sue, thank you so much for your very kind comment! I waited yesterday until my daughter came home to show it to her and let me tell you that you just put a huge smile on her face. Just what she needed after the rough day she had. ❤️❤️❤️ Yes, you can make yours!
      That mint makes me laugh, I've have it there for a few years already, I have to pull it out when I see it has grown way too much. During Fall I get rid of every single mint stem I see. Well, that's what I think, once spring temps are here, there comes the mint. :D

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