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A New Lighting Fixture for the Family Room

A new lighting fixture for the family room

Well hello!!

If you happened to visit me during the summer home tour last week, you've probably noticed a new ceiling fixture in this room. Yep. The drum ceiling fixture you see in the picture below it's now GONE! Instead, a bigger and more beautiful pendant light replaced it. :) However, the new light needed a little fixing of the cord and that's the story I have for you today.

The drum light was installed about two to three years ago, right after the built-in unit was completed. It was a temporary solution because at the time I didn't have the time or money for what I wanted. The drum shade was the fixture I used above the kitchen table for many years. 

Earlier this year, I took the drum shade off because I thought I could use it in the Parisian room I was decorating. This is how this room looked for the past five months. :D

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white and blue family room decor

I'd been drooling over this light fixture for a long time! I finally gave in and placed the order and I had to wait about four months for it to arrive. Yep. It was backordered. 

The waiting time was well worth it. I love this light! 

Well, I love it all except for one single thing, that black cord!🤔
How to change the color of the electrical cord
| Bubbles Brass Ring Pendant Light |

In my opinion and given that most ceilings are white, they should sell this light with a white cord. Period.

Well, we installed it and I decided to live with it, thinking the black cord would stop bothering me at some point.


It was impossible to ignore that black cord. I couldn't stand it! 

Time to change it. 

They sell this same type of cord in a myriad of colors. Again, they should've made it white! :/
Here, this site: Color Cord has that same type of electrical cord in many colors and they sell them by the yard.

However, I didn't want to deal with electrical work, so my easy solution was to paint the cord and this is how it went:


The cord was the only area that needed paint. I used small pieces of painter's tape to protect the fixture areas connected to both ends of the cord.
light fixture update


I used what I had at home. I thought that this white paint Sharpie would be the perfect solution for painting this cord because I had used it for many other projects and I loved the results, but nope, it didn't work here.

This cord is that type of cloth cover electrical wire that has texture. This lower right picture shows you how the cord looked after I painted it with Sharpie.
pendant light cord fixed

Then, I remembered the good coverage I had painting this dresser HERE, with Dixie Belle Silk paint, a few weeks ago. 
Dixie Belle paints
Dixie Belle Silk Paint - Salt Water |

I had to give it a try!
family room new light fixture
And look at that! Almost one single coat was all it needed.
lighting tips
Although, I gave it two coats. 
how to fix that damn cord
And look how nicely it looks painted white. It blends in so seemingly, especially when looking from afar!
family room with bubbles brass ring pendant light from CB2
Coffee Table | Rug | Pendant Light | Chair | Pillow Cover 1 - 2 - 3|

I'm now pretty stoked with this light!! 🤩🤩

The moral of the story, It's all fixable. Make it work for you!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. This light looks great, Cristina! LOL, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who may have a bare lightbulb or unfinished project lurk about1

  2. I love this so much because that's exactly the kind of thing that would drive me insane and exactly what I would do about it :)

    1. Ugh it was driving me nuts! I'm so glad it was a very simple fix.

  3. I love it, what a great idea and such a gorgeous light.

  4. You’re right! It disappears when it’s white! Why would they ever sell it with a black cord? It’s gorgeous now!

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