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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Great gift ideas for that special mom in your life

Mother's day is just around the corner, and I can't wait to celebrate the special mothers in my life and let them know how much I appreciate them. 

Mothers deserve to be celebrated every day, but given that we have a single holiday dedicated to moms, a gift is kind of expected. Most of the time my presents are items that I've already tried or are something I know the recipient needs or would love. It can be something very inexpensive that works wonderfully or something that I've saved money for a full year to surprise her, it can also be the gift of time! 

Let's check these simple gift ideas to show the moms in our lives they are appreciated!

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  • t-shirt is a simple item that almost everybody loves to receive, so useful! A rocker t-shirt would turn that special momma into a super cool mom.
  • With warmer weather fast approaching, a cute and comfy PJ set is always welcomed. I have a similar PJ in pink that comes with a sleep mask. These pj's are silky smooth and very comfortable to sleep in.
  • For the mom that loves jewelry, I got this cute rose gold ring necklace, a dainty short necklace that would bring sparkle to any look. I also love this two-layer necklace and this one with ring charms. They're all so very pretty.
  • Earrings are something I love to wear. A small earring set like this one is my everyday style. For special occasions or as a special gift I love these akoya pearl earrings.
  • One item that we all use every single day is coffee mugs. I found these super cute ones with gold handles and fun designs in the least expected place. I've been using them for a couple of weeks already and I've seen no problem cleaning them in the dishwasher. I also got one of their bowls to use as décor on my shelves. The black and white designs are so fun!
  • OK, guys, I've been recommending this cc cream to all the girls in my family as well as friends because I love it. That's the first product I use after washing my face every morning to tone down the hyperpigmentation, but it also moisturizes, adds some nice color, and has sun protection. If I'm being home, that's the only product I use and it feels light.
  • If you have a home decorator mom, I promise she would love this incense burner. Such a pretty design! Bonus points for giving her something that will help her relax and unwind. Not into incense? Maybe she would love this super cute ginger jar or this pedestal bowl which is currently on my wish list.
  • Airpods are at the top of my list right now because I lost mine.😢 They were the regular ones, but now I want to go for the new Airpods Pro. I like their tighter fit and better sound, even though their price is a bit higher than the one for the regulars. Both options are definitely great products!
  • Now, if that mom in your life already owns Airpods, you can give her an AirPods pro case. There are so many cute designs on the market and it's a great way to keep them secure. I'm going to need this for sure! :D
  • When the warm months arrive I love to change my regular towels for these, my "summer towels". They're light, fresh, and feel so good.
  • Books are always a favorite gift for almost everybody. This, Cozy White Cottage by the talented Liz Marie Galvan provides great inspiration about home décor that you can implement in your own home. It also makes a beautiful coffee table book. 
  • I'm one of those that loves to receive plants a little bit more than receiving flowers. Why? Well, because they last way longer. :) Right now the monstera deliciosa is at the top of my list for house plants, followed closely by the ZZ plant and the fiddle leaf. All of these would make great gifts. 
  • One gift that I've found to be a win-win for most moms is a kimono. They're usually one size fits all and their prices vary quite a bit. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, but it's definitely a gift that your recipient is going to love.
  • Now my friends, a perfect gift for a cool mom is wine! But hey, this is the time to make it extra special by sending mom a set that includes one bottle of Sonoma sparkling white wine and one bottle of Sonoma Chardonnay, nestled in a gift box with a thoughtful card to show mom you're thinking of her. Remembering fond times together and looking forward to celebrating again with her soon. 
| To The Moon And Back Wine Set |


- Send her a card, better yet a hand-drawn card which is one of my favorite gifts. I still have all those
  pretty cards my kids have given to me throughout the years. 😍

- Invite her to a class. It can be a pottery, yoga, cooking, or painting class! So many options.

- Go for a biking ride - bonus points if you can also set up a picnic as part of the excursion.

- Visit a farm, while there, take some pretty pictures that later on you can frame and give
  to her.

- Set up a teleconference dinner if pandemic restrictions are still in place.

- No restrictions in place? Dinner at her favorite restaurant is always a great option.

- Send her flowers - Better yet, search your area for local farms that provide flower bouquets
  subscriptions like this flower farm in our area.

- Set up an online experience - from preparing cocktails to getting into a variety of classes you can do
  it all through Airbnb.

- Above all, spend time with her, give the gift of time to that special mother or mothers in your life!



Great gift ideas for that special mom in your life


*This post contains affiliate links.

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