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Framing The Mudroom

framing a wall and room
Hello there! 

I'm back today with the framing and drywall installation in the mudroom. I didn't want to leave you hanging there until next week.

I am going to give you a recount of what was done. As I told you in previous posts, all this type of work is new to me. I was present for most of it, but in reality, I was just a little helper.

This is the final picture of the work done last week.

You can read more on how to build the platform right HERE.

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how to build a platform for mudroom in the garage entrance


The framing started with the installation of 2 x 4s or bottom plates right where the walls would be built. 

This DeWalt Cordless framing nailer with its corresponding framing nails was the power tool that rocked this entire framing job. 

Extension cords or compressors are not needed; this nailer has all the power you need for this application!
how to frame a mudroom in the garage
DeWalt 21-Degree Framing Nailer |

A level, a miter saw to make the simple cuts on the 2 x 4s, and a ladder are the other tools you'll need.
The top plate and some studs were installed next.

framing a mudroom in the garage

garage mudroom framed
Cripple studs were installed above and below the window, and the door was also framed.
How to build a mudroom inside your garage
At this point, we worked on the electrical.
A light fixture and two outlets in the middle of the room.
how to build a mudroom in your garage

Horizontal 2 x 4s, or nogging, were also installed between the vertical studs. They strengthen the entire structure.
How to build a mudroom in your garage

Once the framing was done, it was time to install the window. Yep. I only used one window because wall space is important in a garage and mudroom. It equals storage. ;)

That window was heavy, well, for only two of us. I had to call the boys inside the house to give us a helping hand.

How to build a mudroom inside your garage

 This is how it looked from the inside. ❤️
view from inside room - window look


Yup. Drywall was next. We used nine sheets of 1/2" ultralight drywall for this small room. Six were 4 x 8, and the others were 4 x 10.

We covered that space below the platform because I wanted it completed and looking good. However, I still need to plan a design for that storage area.

How to build a mudroom with a window inside the garage

Once all those drywall panels were installed, this is how the room looked:
HOW to carve space in your garage for a mudroom - framing it

And look at the inside. I'm loving it! 😍😍
How to carve space in your garage for a mudroom


The next step was to make those walls look good and smooth. I'm bad at this, so I gave it to a pro.

He used metal corner bead, joint tape, self-adhesive mesh drywall tape, a mud pan, and this and this joint knife.

Corner bead on walls, drywall and other framing materials

The main ingredient for this job is the joint compound.

The Easy Sand comes in different working time strengths. He used 20, which means it dries in about 20 minutes. You can find it in 5, 30, 60, etc. 

He also used the All-Purpose joint compound at the end to fine-tune some seams.Easy Sand 20 and joint compound

And well, here is how it looked at this point:
How to build a mudroom in the garage

Did you notice we replaced the old staircase? Haha, yeah, it looks much better, doesn't it?

The staircase is precisely the main topic for my next post.

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How to build a mudroom inside your garage

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Oh my word, this is amazing. You've done such an amazing job.

    1. Aww thanks Marty! I'm so very excited about this project!

  2. Fascinating! What an incredible transformation! You are so inspiring! Keep those posts coming--I'm taking notes!

    1. By the way, this is the most original project I have seen any DIY-er do! How do you even think of these things? Total fan....

    2. Thank you so much for your sweet note! Many times I hesitate on posting only pictures without giving plenty of details about a project, which was the case for this post. But then, I remember the saying..."A picture is worth a thousand words" - exactly how I feel when I'm contemplating doing something and the only reference I have is a picture. For me, they work even better than words. :D

  3. This has been fascinating to watch! Love your blog and can't wait to see you finish it! You're so inspiring!!

  4. wow, awesome building skills! probably easier than your bathroom remodel, but great impact!
    totally looking forward to the progress!

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