Down Main Street - Annapolis, MD

I spent my Saturday in Annapolis with my favorite girl, my daughter. She loves this cute little town and she takes any opportunity to set foot here. This time, she invited me to come to check out the beautiful Christmas tree display taking place at the Maryland State House.
Ha, she sure knows me, I couldn't say no to this invitation! We spent a good part of our Saturday morning looking at all the beautiful details on every single Christmas tree they have on display, about 24 trees. However, I didn't have the time to upload pictures of the trees just yet. I mainly recorded them, which takes me longer to extract pics from. I'll be posting about the Christmas trees in a few days.

Today, I will share with you some pictures I took from our second part of the trip when we got out of the State House and ventured all the way down Main Street.

Our first stop was here, outside the Governor's mansion's gate. I love all the greenery adorning it.
Classical Christmas decor leads up to the mansion's main entrance door.
The first shop we visited was the Surf's Up Candle. Who can miss that door?!
 The inside of the store was very pretty too. Lots of coastal decor, pillows, and jewelry.
And well, yeah, candles.
How cool are the wire reels used to display the products?

 I got out of here with a couple of gifts.
 Love the Maryland Catholic Conference's front porch all decked out for Christmas.
 Up the hill, we could see the State House cupola.
 Each of the street lights decorated with a wreath and greenery gives the town a very festive look.
 And it's just the same for all the decor on most of the storefronts.

| The Black Dog  |

 In the end, almost reaching the water, we found the Christmas tree.
 And right there, we stopped to eat here at the Market House, the food was delicious!
Well, guys, I hope you have enjoyed strolling down this pretty street in Annapolis. Stay tuned for the Christmas tree display and more from this beautiful city.

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    1. It's a bautiful city and I had a really good time. So glad you enjoyed the tour, Sheila!

  2. Hi Cristina,I know I am entering a reply at the wrong spot, but can you please email me re: your driftwood crab project you did a few years ago? I want to know overall size of the white board crab is on and what the approx size of each of the 8 individual board pieces are.THanks, Betsy (email is

    1. I just did, Betsy! The size is 36" x 29" and those are 1 x 4 boards.

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