A Visit to Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, MD Townhome dressed for Christmas with wreaths on windows and window boxes full of ornaments

Hey there,

As I told you over on Instagram last Friday, we were in Annapolis, MD, giving company to our daughter who had a business meeting there.

This was her first time there and she didn't want to deal with parking. So, Mr. RLC was the chauffeur and I was simply giving him some company while we waited for her. Though, as soon as we arrived,
all of my attention turned towards the pretty houses and buildings we saw on our way.

Outside Window decorated for Christmas with wreath and window box full or colorful ornaments

How are you going to skip taking a picture... or ten, of a house dressed in its best Christmas attire.

Annapolis Home decorated for Christmas with greenery, wreaths, red bows and window boxes full of ornaments

Really! She was telling me, "don't I look gorgeous!" By the seventh shot mr. rlc was like half a mile away, looking for the closest place to sit down and get a coffee or something hot because it was COLD out there.

brick house with front porch decorated for Christmas - off center main door.

Annpolis front porch with Victorian elements

This house wasn't decorated for Christmas but I couldn't ignore all those pretty details.

Christmas decor white and brown house with wreath on the door.

The old postmaster building. Love the wreath on the door and the written house number.

Christmas decor - front porch and steps

brick building on church circle wit the American Flag

We got to Church Circle and it was like wow, beautiful buildings all around...

Christmas decor - Front door with a wreath on it.

Starting with this, the Maryland Inn, an 18th-century building turned hotel. - And no, I don't know who he is.

Georgian brick home decorated for Christmas

Walking around, we saw to the Reynolds Tavern and headed towards it.

brick home decorated for Christmas

But, I went a little bit further to take a pic of this, the Farmers Bank of MD...

Reynolds tavern front porch during Christmas

Then, I went back and got inside Reynolds Tavern, an elegant, Georgian-style Inn.

A charming spot by the window with balloon shade and old clock.

We were seated here, by the window, or maybe that's the spot mr. rlc chose.

Annapolis,MD - Church circle - window view

This was the mister's view, St. Anne's Parish.

red tourist bus with wreath on the front at church circle

And he also got this shot of the tourists bus.

Christmas time - girl entering Reynolds Tavern

We were enjoying our time there, when the miss arrived, and hey, way sooner than we thought.

Christmas decor - mantel

We had to move to another table, more exactly... in front of Mr. Washington.

Reynolds tavern - parlor

And from there, away from the window, I got a better view of the entire "parlor". Here you can read about the history of the interior of the Reynold's Tavern.

green garland on the mantel

vintage tea spoon with teapot on the end

We had English tea, and my daughter couldn't stop admiring this little tea spoon.

Well, overall, we had a really good time and her meeting was great. She's going to be an intern working for the Maryland General Assembly this legislative session. Talk about a proud mama! :)

- o -

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  1. Our state's capital is so beautiful! We stayed at a bed and breakfast there for our 10 year and would spend hours just walking the streets.

  2. How absolutely beautiful! I just love the history of it all. Seasons blessings to you and yours.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love the flower boxes overflowing with ornaments. We have flower boxes on our front porch that would look awesome decorated like this. Adding plastic ornaments to my after Christmas shopping list!

  4. What a lovely place to visit during this time of year. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas


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