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From Table Legs to Candlesticks

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you a blessed time with family and friends.

I just wanted to pop in with this quick and easy project I worked on yesterday.  I got in the garage with the purpose of continuing cleaning it up since we had a beautiful day.
Ha, as usual, the cleaning didn't happen. Every time i set foot in there a new project appears. :D

The item or items that grabbed my attention this time were a set of table legs that one of my neighbors gave me. And by the amount of sawdust they have collected, you might know they have been in here for quite some time!
Don't you love when your neighbors bring you stuff that they know you're going to re-purpose?

I really don't know why it took me forever to do this project, given that since day one I knew they would make great candlesticks.
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 I love all the details these legs had, those curvy lines, the fluted details, those little engraved circles...
The only task I had to do to turn this legs into candlesticks was cutting them.
I used my miter saw to accomplish that job. -Watch out, if you do this. Keep the round leg firmly in place while you make the cut.
DeWalt Miter Saw
I used 120-grid sandpaper to smooth out the freshly cut edges. Then, it was time to give the candlesticks some life!
Rust-oleum chalked paint in Linen White was the color I used to get rid of that drab color on the wood.
 The previous stain/sealer treatment wasn't too smooth, but nothing chalk paint cannot cover. ;)
 Here side by side, they both look good, but if I have to choose I always go for white! :)
After applying two coats of paint and let them dry, it was time to sand and bring out some of those gorgeous details. That's one of the reasons I recommend using chalk paint for this type of detail on wood.
Chalk paint is easy to sand, and it's easy to achieve that distressed look that's so popular nowadays.
Once again, I used 120-grid sandpaper all around the candlesticks and a heavier sanding was done on those areas where I wanted the black undertone to show.
I didn't use any sealer, this is a decorative project.  Battery operated candles are the ones I'm going to use with them.
 I love that they're heavy, big and oh my goodness, the fluting and those curves! 😍😍
I set them here on my desk to take some pictures, but you can see them adorning my mantel this holiday season.
Check them out right HERE.

If you want to replicate this project, maybe you can get old wooden furniture legs in thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales. Look out for curvy legs with beautiful details.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. How gorgeous! Table legs yet! They actually have a wax appearance which is equally pretty!

    I've featured this project in this weekend's DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 504. Thanks for bringing this over! :)

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