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DIY - Jingle Bell Star Ornament

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Jingle bell start ornament - white and red
Here is a simple jingle bell star ornament to decorate your Christmas tree, around the house, or the perfect handmade gift for family and friends.

This is the perfect project for you to use up your scrap wood. You can make many of these ornaments for just about a few bucks if you already have the three simple tools used to make them.

Let me show you how!

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Wood - 1/2" material
Ryobi Jig Saw
1-1/4" Bosch Spade Bit
Ridgid drill
5/16" drill bit
120 grid sandpaper
Star pattern
Jingle bell -I used 1" bells
Finishing Materials (paint, stain, etc.)


1. Cut out the star template and trace it onto your board.

2. Find the center of the star you just drew and using a drill with a spade bit make the center hole.
The size of the spade bit depends on the size of the bell you use. Use a spade bit size that is 1/4" larger than the bell.

These Bosch Daredevil Spade bits are the ones I almost always use when drilling holes in wood, they have a full-cone threaded tip that delivers fast and effortless drilling and a smooth cut.

I paired the spade bit with my Ridgid drill and had fun drilling lots of holes! :)
| Ridgid Drill |
3. The next step is to cut out the stars. The Ryobi Jigsaw is the tool for this task.
 4. Use 120 grid sandpaper to smooth out all those edges.
 5.  You need to drill another smaller hole for hanging the ornament. For this, use a 5/16" drill bit.
 6. The final part is to paint or stain your star ornament the way you want it.
Wooden stars
 I painted mine white and added a gold Washi tape all around the star edge and bell circle.
 7.  Then, it was time to bring the bells and add the ribbons.
Wooden starts - red and white Christmas decor
The instructions seem lengthy, but the entire process goes fast.

Wooden stars ornaments - red and white and plaid background

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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