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A Long Lasting Hydrangea Arrangement

how to make hydrangeas to last long.

Nothing like flowers to freshen up a room in an instant! However, it's a bit disappointing to see them wilting away in just a couple of days. :/

Well guys, this hydrangea flower arrangement has been here in my living room for almost three weeks already and it's still going strong.

I was getting my home ready for Summer home tour week and as usual, I was ready to go buy me some fresh flowers to decorate the rooms. I was also working on the front yard revival and needed flowers for the front entrance planters. My plan was to go to Home Depot to buy the flowers/plants for outside and then go to Trader's Joe for the cut flowers.

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I found these beautiful petunias to decorate the front stoop. They're still looking really good, I've been very diligent with their water. ;)
summer front porch
While looking for the outside plants I also noticed the beautiful hydrangeas they had in store and without thinking it twice, I bought one of them.
It was pricier getting the plant than going to TJ to buy the cut flowers.  $20 for the plant and about $12 for four hydrangea blooms at TJ.  But, I was going to end up with a plant that would bloom year after year.

The other factor that made me buy the hydrangea plant was having this huge vase. I 'd bought it a couple weeks before at Target when it went on sale from 25 to 20. I love it! It's big size and neutral color make it a great buy.

huge vase

Decorative Vase - White

I got the hydrangea plant out the of plastic container it came with and instead, I placed it in a plastic bag before bringing it to the decorative vase. My reasoning for using the plastic bag is that it must be easier to take the plant out of the vase when the time comes to bring it outside to plant it in the garden.
vase with hydrangea plant
 This is how it looked during the living room refresh post right here.
blue hydrangeas in living room - round mirror
| Hydrangea Plant |

I have to water it every. single. day. Those blossoms take tons of water! I usually give it about three cups of water a day.
purple hydrangeas close to the sink
 The following pictures were taken yesterday.
how to make hydrangeas to last long
 They are starting to turn green-ish, brown-ish.
how to make hydrangeas to last long
 But, those little blooms are getting bigger.
how to make hydrangeas to last long
 I'm so glad I bought the plant instead of the cut flowers, they would've been long gone!
how to make hydrangeas to last long
Instead, I'm still enjoying this gorgeous blooms and whenever they go, I'll plant it outside, in the garden.
 Every time I get in this room I can't stop admiring that huge hydrangea arrangement! 💙💙
blue hydrangea bouquet on coffee table

In the end, the secret to a long lasting arrangement is a live plant and a big, pretty vase or container.
I'm going to try this from now on.

|  Drapes  |  Coffee Table  |  Rug  |  Mirror  | Side Table  |

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  1. Beautiful! I'm going to try this too!

  2. That is a great idea, Cristina. I really love hydrangea plants. They are long-lasting and beautiful...and even pretty dried!
    Have a great week-xo Diana

  3. This is a fantastic idea, and I had no idea the hydrangeas would take so much water!!! And the petunias are a nice touch, perfect! Love your style!


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