Farmhouse Style - Coffee Table Makeover

living room with dark and wooden tones coffee table and blue foggy medallion rug

Let me start by apologizing for my inconsistent postings. Most of the time I've been able to bring two posts a week, lately it's been way less than that. I've been working on many projects, but I haven't had the time to sit down and edit any pictures or even write a post.

The good news, I have lots of stuff to share later on. :D

No, really, I have great news!

I was almost finishing the trim work in the living room when I got some happy mail. I was invited to
participate in The Home Depot's Patio Style Challenge and hey, I couldn't see a better way to transform that ugly backyard we have.

So, of course, I said yes to the challenge and my mind immediately turned to planters, flowers, patio decor, material lists, etc. etc.

I'll be giving you sneak peeks of the work done for the patio challenge throughout my social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
The final reveal of the patio makeover will be early in April. Stay tuned!

My living room... Well, it got bumped down to number two on my to do list.  :(  But, I'm still taking the time to finish the decorating part.

living room decor

I ordered this, the Distressed Foggy Medallion Rug from RugsUSA, and I really like it! I got a smaller size than the one I was expecting, but that wasn't a big difference to go into the hassle of an exchange.
So, with the rug in place I brought the coffee table I was using before, but gah, I didn't like it in there. :/
I was thinking on transforming it, but the tapered legs and those metal rods on the sides were too much.

golden and white coffee table on blue foggy medallion rug

I went all around the house looking for something else I could transform and found a lucky break in the basement. That's the play table my kids used when they were little. Its straight lines were perfect for my now more simplistic decor.

wooden coffee table being revamped

Out of 2x2's and using pocket holes, a frame was put together to add it to the base of the table.

One simple screw in each corner was enough to keep both pieces together.

ryobi drill and clamps for coffee table top

I didn't like the top the table sported, I made my own table top out of wood that one of my neighbors gave me a couple of weeks ago.
Don't you love when your neighbors think you can put any piece of wood to good use! ;)

All the boards were also attached with the pocket hole mechanism.

diy coffee table makeover

living room makeover

The final steps were sanding everything smooth, painting the base with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Graphite, and applying tung oil to the top.

Blue area rug foggy medallion

I love its modern-rustic look. And hey, it pays to shop your own home!
from blah to my!

I'm so glad I didn't get rid of that little table!

For more DIY ideas in the Living Room check these out:

*Ryobi Tools were given to me to try out, 
I love them so much so that they are the tools I use for my every day projects. 
All stated opinions are my own.*
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  1. Cristina you never cease to amaze! So clever with the remaking of that table into something perfect for your space.

  2. What a creative upcycle! So smart to repurpose the base and I love the design on the top with the thinner boards giving it a little extra detail!

  3. Cristian you are awesome. I love the transformation on the new coffee table.

  4. You never know what you'll find to upcycle until the moment hits as it did for you. Great work on the simple and fine-crafted coffee table!

  5. You are just amazing! Another beautiful piece!

  6. Another perfect makeover. And congrats on the invite to do the HD Style Challenge. You will rock it! Looking forward to seeing your patio. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  7. Way to go! There's no problem you can not solve.

  8. It's adorable. Great job. I can't wait to see how the back yard and patio turn out.

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