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DIY - Wooden Box Planters - Gallery Wall

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Spring decor ideas - gallery wall

Shiplap boards turned into planters for a gallery wall

Hi there!
It looks like winter doesn't want to go away. Did you get snow this past weekend? We were lucky we  only got a dusting. Crossing my fingers for the snow to stay away and instead, I decided to bring Spring into our home with these cute little planters that are now a featured gallery wall in my office.

Last week I gave the garage a good cleaning and when in the middle of it all, I found some remaining pieces of shiplap I used to plank the ceiling in my bathroom. I had a full board and many small pieces that I wanted to utilize in a project.
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pine shiplap boards
Shiplap boards
I like the indentation on the sides of the shiplap boards and I wanted to create a project where I could take advantage of that feature. So, later that day, the idea of the little planters with the recessed lower part arrived!

Let me show you how you can recreate this project:

The materials you'll need for 9 boxes:
The Tools:
Cut List:
  • 18 - 7-1/2" shiplap pieces (cut at 45 degrees off square)
  • 18 - 4-1/2" shiplap pieces (cut at 45 degrees off square)
  • 9 - 6-1/2" Poplar pieces


Use a miter saw or table saw to cut your material.
I was happy to use my new DeWalt 12" Double Bevel-Sliding Compound Miter Saw. A strong but very smooth saw that gave me perfect cuts.
Cristina Garay creating wooden planters
DeWalt 12" Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
I treated the shiplap boards like moldings an cut them on the vertical, adding a stop for all the repetitive cuts and bringing the saw right and left to the 45 degree mitered angle.
making mitered corners for wooden planter
the materials: shiplap, Ryobi brad nailer, wood glue
Assembling the boxes was easy by aligning the four box sides a top two long strips of tape, right side down.
Assembling mitered wooden boxes
Add glue on all mitered corners.
Adding glue on mitered corners
Then, form the boxes, securing the tape all around.
Assembling the wooden boxes with tape
Gaffers tape
Glue might be all you need to secure those corners, but I'm impatient and didn't want to wait for the glue to dry. I used three 1" brad nails on each corner.
The poplar bottom pieces were also secured with brad nails.
Securing corners with brad nails - Ryobi nailer
Ryobi Brad Nailer
Fill the nail holes and gaps with caulking and sand all around before painting them.
The finishing details - caulking and painting
My daughter gave me a helping hand with the finishing touches... And I love them!!💛💛
White and gold wooden wall planters
I used Command picture hanging strips to mount the boxes on to the wall. I first used one strip on the top back of each box, but after mounting the first box and noticing it was swinging a bit. I decided to add half of another strip on the lower part (I was already running out of strips).
You put together two strips (left picture below) together, take off the protective paper and stick it to the box. When ready to hang it, take the other protective paper off before bringing it onto the wall.
DIY - Wooden Box Planters for Gallery Wall   #thdprospective
Command Hanging Strips
Now, nothing better than a laser level when working on a gallery wall! I didn't take many measurements, only the center and side lines and marked those positions with small pieces of tape.

Then, I brought my Bosch laser level that now has a green beam, a top a tripod and mounted each of the boxes onto the wall. I like it better with the green beam a more vibrant color than the red. And as always I love that it's self-leveling.
DIY - Wooden Box Planters Gallery Wall #levellaser

BOSCH 40 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam

And just like that, the planter gallery was installed!
white and gold planters on shiplap wall

But hey, I needed some plants!   :D  I got these faux plants at Michaels. If you want to use the boxes for real plants, you need to add a liner or plastic planter inside the wooden box.
white and gold planters gallery wall

Spring decor ideas - gallery wall

 Ha, it looks like Spring has finally sprung!! Well, almost. :D
Plant gallery wall

Spring decor ideas - gallery wall

Here again the tools for this project:
Tools youll need
|  DeWalt Miter Saw  |  Ryobi Brad Nailer  |  Bosch Laser Level  |  Command Hanging Strips  |
Can you believe it? Only 16 more days 'til Spring! It seems like we're still in February! ❄️

🌱 🌸 🌱 🌸 🌱

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  1. These are so pretty and I honestly cannot believe they stay up with those command strips! Yay for greenery and your awesome DIY skills.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! Those Command strips are strong, 6-lb. per strip set. And those boxes dont weight more than three lbs. I guess.

  2. You create the most amazing decor items! I just love this wall. Using the backside of the shiplap is genius and the gold touch at the bottom is perfection. XOXO

  3. I love my indoor plants, and this would be such a beautiful way to display them. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  4. Spring is almost here and I am itching to get outside and dig in the dirt! Love these boxes you made! Trying to think where I could put them for my real plants!

  5. I love these!! So smart and chic!

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