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7 Uses For A Soldering Iron & RYOBI Soldering Station Review

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#RYOBI 18V ONE+™ 45W HYBRID soldering iron 7 uses
Soldering irons are a very valuable tool to have in your home. This tool has been used extensively to do electrical work, but it has many more uses in other fields and you might find it handy for certain applications around the house.

Here in our home, my husband and my son are the soldering pros. The mister usually
works with sound equipment and of course fixing all those damaged cables requires the use of a soldering iron.
My teenage son is a computer guru and many times I've seen him grabbing a soldering iron when working with circuit boards.
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Soldering iron uses

It was kind of fun to see their faces when I got my RYOBI 18V ONE+™ 45W HYBRID SOLDERING STATION☺️ they both jumped to try it out, and here is why:

  • You can control and maintain the desired temperature anywhere from 400 to 900 Fahrenheit degrees.
Soldering iron with heat control - Soldering iron uses
  • Hybrid technology provides unlimited run time. You can use the same ONE+ battery platform as most of the other Ryobi tools or you can use an extension cord to power it!
Cordless or corded soldering iron
  • The LED indicator lets you know when the tip is hot. 
Soldering iron uses
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  • Heats up fast.
Soldering iron uses
  • It comes with an iron holder for safe and convenient storage.
Soldering iron uses
Well, the RYOBI Soldering Station was a big hit here with the two "technicians" in our home. And, as I stated it before, here are some other, less known uses for something as simple, yet effective as a soldering iron:

Circuit Boards
Well, yep. The obvious one you all know about, using soldering irons to make circuit boards. This is the most popular use of soldering irons where a connection is made between two wires, holding them down and making a connection.

Arts & Crafts
Soldering irons and solder can actually also be used for artistic purpose. The most notable being creating stained glass windows. With different pieces of colored glass, a simple soldering iron can join those pieces together, making your very own piece.

Plumbing Repairs
You can make quick repairs to copper and various other types of metal pipes using soldering iron. Lead free solder can be used to make the repair, while still making the pipe safe for everyday use. On top of this, it doesn’t even have to be a last minute repair for you to take out the soldering iron, it can be used to just as easily join pipes together.

Electrical Work
Due to solder’s conductive nature, a soldering iron can be valuable when doing electrical work. You can use a soldering iron to connect wires to control panels or other spliced wires all around your house.

Auto Repairs
By now you can probably tell that solder is a seriously strong thing, and it can even be used for different types of auto repairs! Any joints that could be loose in a car can be easily tightened using your handy soldering iron, and joining different sheets of metal together is a possibility too.


Soldering irons are also extensively used by jewelers. They are used in order to join different pieces of jewelry at a joint. You can use your own soldering iron after reading up on techniques to effectively repair or even create some of your own jewelry.

Wood Burning
Yes, you can also use a soldering iron as a wood burning tool, especially if you can exchange tips.
Soldering iron uses

There must be plenty more uses for this little handy machine. If you know of something else, let me know it in the comment section below.

Soldering iron uses

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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