Time To Take Care of The Lawn With An Eco-Lawn

overseeding your lawn

Last week, along side my husband, I embarked on the task of bringing our outdoor spaces back to life. For the past two years we had done nothing to them, well, besides cutting the grass each week. Boy oh boy, everything has gone to seed!

Our little Louie, the Yorkshire Terrier we adopted last year, has been a big factor on the lawn damage that's happening in the backyard... for his small size, it's amazing to see the huge amount of bold spots he has given the lawn.  We're trying to fix that problem by re-seeding the backyard with an Eco-Lawn. I'll explain more about this later in the post.

For now, let me show you the problems we were dealing with and further down you can check the progress we made so far.
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- These boxwood bushes were badly beaten by snow storms this past winter. They needed to go.
Here, these small ones, on the right side of the walkway going to the main door, were in the same situation.
 - These bushes by the window are overgrown and looking quite sad.
 Other problems on the front yard:
- Thin, patchy grass
- Peeling paint on foundation
- Dirty steps
- Rust marks on steps


-Cleaning the flower beds
 -Bold spots all around the yard!! There you can see Louie's path. :/


-Bushes on each side of the walkway were removed.

- Those overgrown bushes by the windows gotta wait until we get some more energy! :D Maybe next weekend.
- There on the right side where the bushes were removed, grass seed was spread on.
- The lawn was given the Turf Builder treatment w/ crabgrass preventer.
- Regular seed on the front lawn will be added in a couple of weeks.
-In the backyard, where the lawn had the most damage or bold spots, we decided to go a different route with an Eco-lawn, more about it in a minute.
Scotts Spreader  |
 -First, the mister applied the started fertilizer, which is the product that gives the grass seed the nutrients it needs to germinate and grow quickly.
|  Started  |
- He then, spread the Eco-Turf Mix here in the backyard.
lawn care

As per recommendation of my BIL, we're given the Eco-lawn a try with the R&R Eco-Turf Mix (aka Rough & Ready) with drought tolerant grasses and Microclover is an earth-friendly, sustainable lawn. A mix that holds up well to wear - perfect for kids, pets and high traffic areas. Low maintenance and low input requirements.
R&R is more shade tolerant than many other alternatives. Once establish, this mix requires little supplemental irrigation or fertilizer and tolerates acidic and shady sites.

Hopefully this is going to be the solution to the damage our Louie imprints on our lawn. Time will tell. I'll give you a report about this new lawn in a year.

More about this type of Eco-Lawn, right HERE.

Cleaning and feeding the lawn is almost done.  Today, I'm heading to Atlanta for the Home Depot ProSpective Tool Review Program.  I'll be sharing snippets of the program over Instagram.
I'll be back to work on the yard by the end of the week. Those final bushes need to go and I need to plant the new ones.

Stay tuned!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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