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The Secret to Easily Install Curtain Rods

Installing curtains is an easy way to give your rooms a good amount of style, privacy and even insulation. However, hanging the curtains is a task that many homeowners don't want to deal with because they find that the main components... the brackets and the rod are somewhat difficult to install. Well, I have a little secret to make that install go effortlessly.

I installed in this, my son's room, a blackout Roman shade. I thought it was enough to keep the room dark when he wanted it dark. But, it looked like nope. It wasn't enough. He kept complaining about
the amount of light (from the street lights during night time) that came into his room throughout the sides of the Roman shade.
He kept on pulling the shade to whatever side he wanted it. And to make matters worse, he managed to pull the entire shade off the window.

I was busy with other big projects around the house, but I asked the mister to go and re-install the roman shade and hang the new curtain I had bought. Well, he went the easy road and only installed this:
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I couldn't believed it!! 😠
All the markings were done for him to simply install the brackets, mount the rod and hang the new curtains.
Well, as it happens to many people he doesn't like to install those brackets.  Why? Because he usually damages those anchors or the wall where the anchors need to be mounted.

Having that in mind, I'm here to tell you, as I told him, installing those anchors it's easy. I promise!!

The secret: Do it slowly, use hand tools (although, if you're careful, you can use a drill) and be patient. That's it.

I'm not going to bother telling you how to measure or how high those curtains need to be. I just want you to know how to install those brackets nicely.

1. Mark the location on the wall where those brackets need to be installed.

I usually trace the entire hole(s) area.

2. Use a nail and a hammer to find out if there's a stud right behind your mark on the wall

If both of your brackets have a stud behind where to mount them, let me tell you that you're the luckiest person on earth.
If only one of the brackets aligns with a stud there on the wall, that's good too. You only need to drive the screws onto the stud to mount that bracket. Driving the screws onto wood is the strongest way to mount them. No need to add anchors.

However, if you have no studs right there where you made those markings, you need to add the anchors that came with the brackets.

The first thing you need to do to install the anchors is to make a little hole there in the Sheetrock where you made that mark. You can use a nail and hammer or you can use a drill with a drill bit. This is also a good way to know if there's a stud behind that wall. If the nail/bit is driven too easily there's no stud.
driving holes on the wall

3. Install the top anchor

The anchors are made out of plastic material, they're fragile, the Sheetrock is fragile too. Here is where you need to go SLOWLY and use a screwdriver instead of a drill.  The pilot hole you previously made is a good starting point. Continue driving the anchor, turning it clockwise with the help of the screwdriver until it gets flush with the wall.

This is the part that my husband always had trouble with because he kept on using a drill. A few times, the anchor got damaged, but most of the time, the wall was the one crumbling with the impact he gave it with the drill.
Now, keep in mind that yes, you can use a drill if you know how to operate it. For this type of work you need to adjust it to deliver the least amount of power.
driving the anchors

4. Install the bracket and mark the location for the second anchor

Bring your bracket on top of the already installed anchor and drive that top screw. Set it in place and then, mark the spot where the lower anchor/screw needs to be installed.

Remove the bracket and install the lower anchor following step #3
Installing curtain rod brackes

Husky Diamond Tip Magnetic Screwdriver Set

5. Install the bracket -both screws- and mount the rod

And the last task is to hang those curtains!

All you need is a little bit of patience. ;)

Oh, and this is how those curtains looked right after install. Full of wrinkles.

Ha, that wasn't big trouble. Using a fabric steamer might be the easiest way to get wrinkles out of curtains.
I first got rid of all the wrinkles.

Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

Then, I made the pleats and using the steamer again, flattened them out. Those pleats looked sharp at the beginning...

But, after shaking the entire curtain a little bit, the sharpness went away and they look more natural.

The boy is happy with this curtain configuration. No more light coming in from the sides.
Curtains  |  Roman Shade   |  Letter M  |  Sliding Barn Door
I bought the curtains at costco, they're thermal, darkening curtains and their price was around $15 for the pair.
Teen Boy Room Makeover  |  Bed  |  Build-ins  | Light
The Roman shade was re-installed and it's working nicely again.

This room is now like a little cave, the boy likes to keep it dark. I have to go in there from time to time to open those curtains and the window and to let some light and fresh air to come in!

Well my friends, I hope this can be of help for your next curtain rod install.

how to hang curtains - gray curtains - teen boy room

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I have some blackout curtains ready to install and will use these fab ideas. Your son's room looks great.

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