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Vintage Modern Master Bathroom Mood Board

old, new, classic and a good dash of brass.

Hey there!

It's been a while since my last post, I'm so sorry about that.

Last week I was in New York, if you follow me on Instagram you'd probably know of my adventures there. :)  I'm so very happy and lucky to once again be a part of the wonderful team of creators that review tools for the Home Depot, for what's called: The ProSpective. I need to get the pictures and little videos of the events, tools and the places I went, out of my phone so I can share them with you soon.

Well, the other thing that has taken me a whole lot of time is the mini makeover I gave the blog. A new logo, a new theme and I've been a busy bee setting folders and making that navigation bar the place to go to find everything I've posted throughout the years. I'm not near completion, but bear with me on this one. I love an organized space! ;)

As I promised in my previous post, I compiled all my inspiration and created this bath makeover mood board, to give you an idea of what I want my bathroom to look at the end of this makeover.

I'm calling it a
Bathroom Makeover

Most of the main components for this bathroom are going to have that old vintage look, while the small items and accessories would bring the modern side to this makeover.

The vanity was that first big item I got. 
Costco -  Casanova 60" Antique Gray Double sink vanity |
I thought about building it, but it would've been a very different vanity with chunky legs (a.k.a 4 x 4's), open shelves and more towards the modern side.
The main factor for buying this vanity was the great price we got and how well made it is. As I told you, we bought it at Costco for $799.99, we saved on shipping charges because we hauled it home ourselves.
I also like the many drawers and in general the good amount of storage it has.

The bathroom main surfaces, walls and floor, are getting classic materials.

Did I tell you I'm getting rid of the bath tub and turning the shower into a walk-in shower? Well, I'll be sharing all those details and pictures of the ugly bathroom in an upcoming post.

The shower will be dressed with classic tiles: Subway tile on the walls and little hexagon tile on the floor.
Daltile 3 x 6 Subway Tile                |                   Metro Hex Matte White with Black Dot Tile
The main wall, the one behind the vanity is going to sport shiplap. I know it's been used a lot and it may soon be a dated trend, but I love it. I've only used it in a small wall in the dining room. The good thing is, if I get tired of it, I can change it easily.

Up until now, I've never before shopped for bathroom fixtures and wow, they can throw you budget out of whack in no time! 

I was a undecided about black or gold fixtures, as you can see, I'm going for the later one. 
Delta Trinsic Single-handle faucet       |      Delta Vero 1-Handle shower only faucet      |       Delta Vero 1-Spray Hand shower
I love these fixtures, I think they will bring the sparkle to this room.

I want a set of mirrors. Both of our bathrooms have one big -90's style mirror that I so want to get rid of.

However, in order to keep costs down, I want to repurpose that big mirror, getting two out of one.


While searching for mirrors I found this picture of this mirror/medicine cabinet. I like its simplicity and the fact that it looks like an easy build. I also like the warmth the wood will give to the overall design.

Lighting fixtures are a challenge for me. You can find good lighting fixtures at any price range, but my problem is narrowing down the ones that fit my theme.
Fiorentino LED Industrial Wall Sconce
These are the ones that so far I'm leaning towards, but I'm all ears if you have any recommendations for wall sconces of even small pendant lights.

old, new, classic and a good dash of brass.

And well, here you have the overall design I'm trying to convey.

Let me give you the links to all the items in this pic:

Vanity  |  Subway tile  |  Hex floor tile  |  Shiplap  |  Shower head  |  Handheld shower  |  FaucetSconces  |  Rug  |  Vanity pulls  |  Brush set  |  Cactus  |

I can't wait to get started working on this bath makeover. The demo part will start at the end of this week.

I'll be sharing little snippets of that work over on Instagram, stay tuned!

These are the links to all the work done in this bathroom:
    Here's how I easily change the look of the shower.

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    1. I love everything! You have great taste and going with subway tile is a great way to keep it classic. Will be watching with great anticipation!

    2. Its going to be beautiful! A walk in shower is next on my "to-do" list...which of course will entail remodeling the entire bathroom ;) Can't wait to see the finished room!

    3. I am loving this look. I would buy all of this items if I was redoing my bathroom. Gorgeous!

    4. This is such a great plan - love it all! Can't wait to see it all come together!

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