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I Found My Double Bath Vanity!

Home Decorators Collection - Hamilton Bath Vanity - 61 in. |
This is supposed to be the year of the bathroom renovations. I've been looking for inspiration for quite some time and maybe is the fact that I have to renovate all the three bathrooms in our home or who knows what, but quite frankly, I've been overwhelmed with all the elements that go into this kind of renovation. Of course, I'm already behind schedule!

Our three bathrooms need work, the first one I want to tackle is mine, the master bathroom. That room is sad. I've done nothing to it since the day we moved in, 18 years ago. 
The kids bath and the powder room had mini makeovers a few years ago, they can wait a bit until the master bath gets done, but I'm also having them in mind while I work on the master.

It's taking me more time than I expected because this is something so new to me! Figuring out all the stuff that's needed for a full bathroom makeover it's not easy task... tile, grout, vanity, sinks, faucets, shower, mirrors, fan, etc., etc... It all needs to be found before I even get in there for demolition. 

So, today's post is about the vanity. That's one of the big ticket items in this makeover.

And no, I'm not DIY'ing it! I decided to save some energy for all the other work... tiling, changing the shower tub into a walk-in shower, painting, maybe adding shiplap... that's a lot. And that's not the only reason...

I wanted a vanity with a good amount of drawers and well, they're a pain in the neck, at least for me, to build.  And even if I build it, then I have to find the counter (the mister wanted a heavy material) and the sinks. Well, it was the mister the one who pushed me in the way of buying it instead of diy-ing it.

I had set my eyes on plans like the one below, from dear blogging friends:
Ana White - DIY Turned Leg Vanity |

Houseful of Handmade - DIY Mission Style Vanity |

Pneumatic Addict - DIY Modern Double Vanity |
So, after crossing off the DIY plan, the first vanity I considered was the one in the first picture here on this post, the one from Home Decorators Collection. A good price for a double 60-inch vanity with stone counter and two sinks. But, the color of the counter was the one that kept me away from buying it.

This next vanity was one I really liked. It comes with the mirror. I liked the open shelf and even the color, but it doesn't have the many drawers I wanted. The mirror is the other thing I didn't like much, I don't want one big mirror any more.
grey vanity with mirror set from Wayfair
Wayfair - Bob Double bathroom vanity set - mirror included  |
The price was also what stop me from getting this one. It's a good price for the set, but I wanted to stay under the one thousand budget.

Next on the list was this modern Gela vanity from Amazon.
Amazon - Modern Gela Vanity with Carrera white marble top |
More on the modern side, but still good looking and with a good amount of drawers. The price still out of my budget.

Then, again from Amazon, this cottage look vanity was a good contender. I love its look! I'm going for a old timers look in this bath and I think this would've been a perfect piece for my design. Price wise, out of my thousand budget.
Amazon - Palm Beach Cottage Look Vanity with Crystal White Marble counter |

This Beverly vanity from Wayfair is very similar to the one from Ana White, I love the old timers look, but for that price I better follow Ana's plan. :)
Wayfair - Beverly 60" Double Bathroom Vanity Set |

So, let me show you the vanity I got...

Yep. It's this one. I spotted it a while ago while shopping at Costco.

Costco -  Casanova 60" Antique Gray Double sink vanity |
I was buying bread, milk, vegetables... when all of a sudden I saw this and I couldn't believe it was the size I was looking for!
And it has drawers, and two sinks, and a white quartz counter...
And best of all, it had a $799.99 price above it! :)

And look... even this tilt-out drawers!

Well, it was love at first sight.

I had to ask my BIL to help me bring this big box home. That thing is heavy!

Well, it's now in my garage, waiting for that bathroom to get gutted down and put back again.

What is that big ticket item you've found at one of these stores while doing your regular shopping? Any troubles bringing that big item home?

Stay tuned for more about the master bath, the mood board is my next post.

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  1. Yay you found the biggest piece! I never even look at all of that stuff at Costco...I just walk on by. Maybe I'd better change that. :)

    Can't wait to watch this big project.

    1. haha I was like that when I found it... Yaaaaaay! And I think this was the first time I saw vanities there. Well, they always keep on changing stuff, so yeah, it's good to walk around, you never know what you might find.

  2. I absolutely love that vanity! Can't wait to see your progress!

    1. Oh Heidi, I'm right there with you. Love this vanity! And this week I'm starting work. Eeek it's so exciting!

  3. Wow!That's a great vanity! Looking forward to the reno!

  4. It was meant to be! I know a lot of people like ship lap right now, but I think in a few years it is going to date a home, just like the avacado green appliances of the 60's. I would much rather use a wallpaper which can be changed out rather easily if the mood strikes.

    1. I know right! I agree with you, most trends suck after a while. However, I think I prefer removing wooden planks to wallpaper. Easier for me to deal with wood. ;)

  5. Cristina,
    A great find! I bought my current lawnmower from Costco... not as pretty as a bathroom vanity, but self-propelled, cordless electric starter. I hated having to pull a cord to start the mower.


    1. Judith, that's funny. I'm waiting for my self-propelled, cordless electric lawn mower to arrive. If I've seen it at Costco I would've bought it there! :D
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. At Costco?? Wow, well done! It's lovely!!

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