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Dining Room Before and After

coffered ceiling and farmhouse dining table in office with shibori wall art

It was a year ago that I brought change to this, the dining room, but it was only a few weeks ago that I completed the 1% detail work that we all procrastinators leave for later.  Yep. I'm one of those. :/

There were some spots that needed another coat of paint, well, that's done.
The quarter round was missing not only all around this room, but in the contiguous living room and in my son's room... Done.
The bench needed a proper cushion...  Done.
And the most important thing: the cabinet doors, done!  :)

Oh, it feels so good to cross things off your to do list.  So much so, that as a reward,
I went and bought me those beautiful roses to brighten up the space a little bit more.
Then, I remembered that back in January I promised you to show you my brand new office space... Ha, a tiny bit late but here they are, without much staging, nothing on the chalkboard and just a few things on the shelves.

Let me show you this room thru the following before and after pics:

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This is how the room looked when I started blogging.  The only things I'd done in here was to add curtains and a picture frame molding on that right wall.

Then, I decided to paint the two armchairs and that ended in a full room makeover:
white and blue dining room facing a large window
Dining Room Makeover |

The room got a new color, rug, chairs, curtains... And the window got trimmed out.

We were so happy with this new room! However, as happy as we were with this room, we noticed that it was only used on special occasions, holidays, maybe a birthday meal, all the other 345 days of the year it was empty, nothing happened in here.

Oh, and did I say how badly I needed a nice working space?  I was doing paper work in the guess room, using the little desk in there. The family room sofa was the spot for blogging. :D

Well, those were the main factors that made me transform this room and make it work as our home office, but I also wanted this space to work as a dining room for those special occasions when family comes and we need a big table to enjoy a meal.

How to install shallow shelves on wall
Shallow shelves |

The little shallow shelves were the first ones to go out.


The shelves were replaced with build-ins. The picture frame molding was removed and shiplap was installed.

painted chippendale chair
Chair Makeover |

The other side of that long wall was pretty much the same with the other section of small shelves.

office space with built-in

narrow shelves on dining room wall

The view all across the room with all the shelf display and a peek of the dining table.

DIY Built-in in dining room/office

My new office.
DIY built-in with bench - Office space
Shibori Tapestry Wall Art  |  Bench
The bench is not used that frequently, my son's the one who likes to lay down there to listen to his music while I work.  I don't find it too comfy when sitting there to have a meal. So, I might remove it in the future.

I got busy with the sewing machine making the bench cushion a proper cover.

Office organization - mail sorter with clock
Command Center Chalkboard  |  Kitchen |

I don't have a before picture of the other side of this room, but there was nothing there.
The door was trimmed out and a chalkboard and a command center were installed. This was a picture taken before the new kitchen makeover.

classic table in dining room with white drapes and oak floors
Pendant light  |  Window Trim |

Well, here again, the room right before work started a year ago.

office space with chalkboard, buildins and farmhouse table

The new coffered ceiling is the one that grabs the attention of people when they enter this room. I'm loving it!

The followings are the links to all the projects done in this room for this, its latest makeover:

white base cabinet with decorative toekick

how to update a tired dining table with drawers

dining room with coffered ceiling

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  1. It's amazing how much you transformed that room by adding in the structural details. We all have a dining room pretty much like yours was to begin with. Now we just all need the built ins. ;)

    1. Thanks Stacey! True, most dining rooms are SO plain, builders should give them a bit of storage or architectural flair.

  2. Wow it is a total transformation! I love the built-ins and the ceiling does grab your attention. Such beautiful colors and decor as well.

    1. Renee, Thank you so much for your very kind comment. You just put a smile on my face. :)

  3. Your office/dining room looks so good! I love blue and white-always fresh and classic. Can you tell me the top to bottom measurement of your Shibori wall hanging. I see Target says it's 59.5 inches high, but I'm wondering if that includes the hanging string, which it looks like you're not using and I think looks better without it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much! I'm going thru a white and blue obsession right now. 😄 Oh well, I love this tapestry, the quality is really good, but I have to tell you that I already took it down to decorate for Christmas and it's on its way to a family member that wanted to have it. But, following the pictures that I took of it, and thanks to the shiplap that gives me great measuring points, this is what I got:
      From top edge of the tapestry to bottom fringe: 57.5" (maybe they're right).
      There is a pole (not visible) from where the tapestry hangs. And yes, it comes with a hanging string, which comes out of that pole. You're right, I didn't like it, I just threw it backwards.
      Instead, I used two nails for the pole to rest on them.

      The tapestry measurement without the bottom fringe is 49.5"
      I hope this can be of help.

  4. Cristina you have done such a beautiful job with this room. I love everything about it!

  5. Great transformation. 100% proves the motto "Devil's in the details!". Love it!

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