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The New kitchen Island

grey kitchen island with wooden crate on shelf

Happy Monday everyone! 

My last kitchen post was about the range hood and how I was looking for that perfect blue-grey color for it.
The thing was, I wanted to use the same color on both, the range hood and the island, but somehow the same color looked totally different on both surfaces. The range hood always looked darker than the island and I wanted it to be the opposite way. :/

Anyhow, I think painting the kitchen island in itself is an easy way to give the entire kitchen a brand new look. I've painted mine three times already, and I know this color is not going to be here forever. :)

So, let me show you how it all went this time!

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This is the last color the kitchen island sported, ASCP Duck Egg Blue. I loved it, but I grew tired of it. At that time, I added the corbels and the beadboard on the shelf. You can see that entire makeover right HERE.

This time, I didn't change anything other than the paint. But first, I had to remove the wax protecting the chalk paint. It was easily done washing all the waxed surfaces with mineral spirits and a steel wool sponge.

BM Galveston Gray was applied to the range hood and to the island, but I didn't like this color on the island. It was kind of the same intensity of the previous Duck Egg blue and I wanted something darker.

So, I got a darker color: BM Ashland Slate and I love it! By the way, all the paints were Benjamin Moore Advance and Satin finish.

As many of you already know, I also painted the range hood this darker color, but in order to make it lighter (remember every color looked darker on the hood than on the island), I decided to do a white wash effect.

Well, here on the island I left it like that, simple, pretty dark grey. And as you can see, I didn't remove the quarter round. I tried, but last time I nailed it in place I put so many nails that I decided to save that fight for another day. Instead I taped it off.

Don't you love that color! It's grey, but it's also blue, dark blue, and sometimes, light blue/grey depending on the light.

After two coats of paint... Oh wait, three coats with the lighter color at the beginning, this is how it looks after styling a little bit the top shelf...

And adding a crate on the lower one.  As usual, the beauty of DIY projects is that you can customize them to your own needs.
This shelf  is only 12" deep, I couldn't find any crate with those specific dimensions. So, I built it.
The hardest part for me: The sign. Can you notice the shadow on those letters? Well, that's a mistake that somehow worked. I'll give you more details about the crate in a future post. ;)

Here's the other side of the island. I still need to change that outlet.

And what do you think about the hardware? If you follow me on Instagram you might remember I posted three choices of hardware and asked for help on determining the one I should use. Ha, these ones were the winners and they were also my favorites.

Liberty - Porter 3" Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Pull
Liberty - Southampton 1-¼ in. Venetian Bronze with Copper Highlights Square Base Cabinet Knob

I love how they feel. They're smooth, solid and they look great!

The other end of the island is the microwave side. Look at the difference in the color with lots of light on it.

And here's the final pic. It's all coming along so nicely. I'm now finishing details and adding decor elements. I wish I could move faster, this is the point where I get anxious, I want to see the entire thing finished! :D

My next post is about the cabinet under the sink. I'm finally giving it some organization.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. It's funny how paint colors change in different light which makes it so hard to get the right color. I also use BM Advanced paint. I couldn't get the color right in the master bath and they had to add some black to it. I love your new hood and island colors and that crate is too cute.

    1. Oh, so true, Kim! I wasn't a bit happy about it. :( It's so crazy, the colors can change dramatically from one side of the room to the other. But hey, yeah, I love BM Advanced, it's so rich.
      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by! <3

  2. Your island looks new and fresh! I do love the new color. Those shelves on the end are perfect for storage and for fun. It's amazing the difference since you first started. :)

    1. Aww thanks Stacey! Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to bring freshness to a room. I'm loving the new color.

  3. I love the color! I was just wishing my island was a bit darker gray the other day. I'm sure I'll end up painting mine one day too!

    1. Oh, I know that's not going to be a problem for you! I love the light color your kitchen island has now, but change is good, isn't it!

  4. Beautiful as always! I've said this before and it's still try you are truly an inspiration to me! Now, if you can only inspire me to start a blog to document everything that I have done and hope to do to my house.

    1. Lugene, Thank you so much! It's so nice to hear that. Start your blog today! Write at least a post a month or whenever you feel like to. And let me know to go and cheer you up!

    2. I've made up my mind I'm going to start this Blog thing and I will definitely let you know when it's up and running. Thanks again for your inspiration and support.

  5. Just like wine, it keeps getting better with age! Beautiful color, so sophisticated.

  6. I love how you made builder-grade into custom-grade Cristina! Amazing! Love all the upgrades!

  7. Love this makeover so much! The color and finish are fabulous! Swooning over the little crate. Great job, as always~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  8. Cristina,
    You have me thinking about painting my kitchen island after seeing your island base a darker color. Very nice job!


  9. Those are GREAT color choices, Cristina!

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