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The Industrial Desk That Needed a New Room

basement desk made of pipes - play room with chalkboard and shelves

wooden desktop and metal pipe base desk.

Hey guys,

This post is brought to you thanks to my son Matt. Haha  

Let me tell you, Matt is a bit of a smarty-pants guy. He wants to do everything himself. He wants no help until maybe he's exhausted all possible methods, and even then, he tries one last time just to see what.

Well, Matt loves to play video games, and given that he had to play his games on his dad's old computer made him very unhappy. 

The games didn't run fast enough for him. 😔

So, once again, he went to solve his problem by learning how to create a faster computer, and yeah, to make this story short, he built his own powerful pc with a powerful video card and, of course, a clear screen to see all the lights inside the unit with the changing colors he wanted.

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boy playing video games on pc in the basement.

There he was, enjoying the fruits of his labor! :D

But, as you noticed, his workstation was not that much fun. 

He went online searching for a computer desk to fit his own specific needs... The desk needed to be narrow, strong, long enough to fit between the two bookcases, and with no apron because he needed to clamp some stuff from it. 

Ha, his long search didn't produce good results. The only desk he saw, within the qualities he was looking for, was way out of his $200 budget. So, he finally went to his mama to ask if she could build it.

My answer: Oh, sure, but right now I'm a bit busy. 

He waited. And waited...

Just before the start of the school year, we went to buy supplies. Yep, we settled into building a pipe desk.

He helped put the pipe base together, assembling the entire thing on the loose side.
parts used to build a pipe desk
6-Flanges  |  2-Side tee  |  2-Iron Cross | 6-Pipe Caps |

It was tightened at the end.
Ryobi biscuit joiner used to build wooden desktop
RYOBI Biscuit Joiner |

Then, I went ahead to build the desktop, and I loved using this new-to-me tool! 

A Ryobi Biscuit Joiner.

I didn't know using a Biscuit Joiner was SO easy! 

If you're new to it, let me tell you that a biscuit joiner is used to join two pieces of wood together side by side-. It holds a small circular saw blade to cut a crescent-shaped hole in both opposite edges of two pieces of wood. Then, you can assemble the pieces with a biscuit and glue. Clamping them together while the glue dries.

stained desktop for computer
|1- 2" X 6" X 8'  | 1- 2" X 10" X 12' |

What I love about this desktop is that it's STRONG, and no holes or screws are showing. :)

With both pieces ready, the top and the base, it was time to bring them down to the basement and put them together. 

But my oh my, I didn't like this view. :/  
long view of disorganized basement.

That's our unfinished basement, the section that belongs to Mr. RLC and well, nowadays, to the boy.

electronics, cables and stuff on floor of basement.

Mr. RLC thinks that placing stuff on the floor and having it within his view it's organization 101.

I've organized this space in the past, but it always reverts to this pandemonium. :(
teen boy playing video games in unfinished disorganized basement

However, now that Matt is also working here and knowing he's not a disorganized boy, I decided to give it a makeover. Because really, my pretty desk deserved a better space! :D

adding decorative panels on faux wall in unfinished basement.
Wall Panel |

The first thing to do: Emptying the space, removing all that crap!

Then, the space between the bookshelves got framed and covered. Who wants to see that shiny and ugly insulation right up front.

Using a remnant piece of carpet in unfinished basement.

The old yucky carpet was replaced with a brand new piece.  This was, in my opinion, the biggest change. I got this big remnant carpet (12' x 15') at Home Depot for only $116.  They sell those leftover pieces at a good discount. ;)

It feels so good, and it totally changed the feeling of "the room" from a dungeon to an actual room.

pipe desk base on carpeted floor.
Corkwood Carpet - Color: Taos |

I didn't add a pad, this is a temporary solution, and it is quite thick.

So, the desk was installed...

And I LOVE it!!! Most importantly, my son loves it!

How to build a pipe desk

And he loves his new space!  Talk about a proud mama. ;)

I still need to go and organize that pile of crap I pushed aside. Some shelves are in the works. ;)

UPDATE:  Hey, now we have an awesome set of SHELVES - Check them out right HERE.

How to build a pipe desk

You can find complete materials, dimensions, and instructions for this 

*Ryobi Tools were given to me to try out, 
I love them so much that they are the tools I use for my everyday projects. 
All stated opinions are my own.*

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  1. Cristina you work miracles! I would never have known that was in the basement. Beautiful space now, so cozy, a bit masculine and well put together. Love this.

    1. Haha thanks Jaime!! I was surprised to see that ugly space looking so good. The guys are loving it.

  2. You are the woman! Your space is very welcoming and attractive. I can see why your son enjoys it.

    1. Well, you just put a big smile on my face. Thank you so much, Sue! ❤️

  3. Ya did it, kiddo! And LOOK at the results! Amazing. We have a basement area that looks like that first one you posted, too. GAH...drives me nuts to go down there. I have 'my area' and then SOMEONE takes over the rest. Sounds like your boyo is following right in your just like his momma.

    Have a great Thursday- xo Diana

    1. Diana, that's exactly what happens in our basement! :D That computer area is off my limits. Well, I need to go and organize those cables and equipment one more time. :/ Not fun I know.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments!

  4. Amazing transformation! I'm keeping this in mind as I'd love to set up a gaming area in the basement.

  5. A biscuit joiner tool, I didn't even know there was such a thing and I want one!! Every time I read your blog I find a tool I HAVE to get :) The desk looks amazing and I love how you worked on this with your son, so sweet!

  6. OH wow! What a cool desk!! And what a great way to fix up that space!

  7. This is so inspiring! I can’t brkieve how ambitious your son is. You must be so proud. My basement looks like your “before” pics. I would love to do something like this!

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