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Fall Wooden Fence Maintenance

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How to add chicken wire to Wooden fence

yellow and burnt red fall mums in pots inthe garden

Hey there,

A month ago I shared with you my flower garden and how happy I was to finally get to enjoy it. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears I put into this little garden over a year ago was totally worth it! I planted a little tree, some bushes, and I was one of the first customers at the Home Depot getting a bunch of beautiful mums to bring into my garden. ;)

Ha, it all looked so beautiful... until two weeks ago when I noticed that all the blooms on my beloved mums were GONE! :(  Look at the difference!

Rabbits eating your mums

The thing is, I knew who was responsible for this atrocity! Oh, yes, I know them very well.
A family of mischievous bunnies. All Summer long they came to have a delicious lunch of daisies. Oh, and their salad bar was my newly planted grass that now I have to replant. :/

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wooden fence with gate getting chicken wire added

So, a week ago, I couldn't handle it any longer and decided to close the door they were using to get in. Yep. those spaces in between the fence slats were like 30 little doors wide open to them.

Three rolls of chicken wire, a stapler, gloves and scissors were all I needed to close those portholes.

wooden fence troubles and solutions

However, once I finished installing the chicken wire I gave the fence a good look and noticed some little problems that I decided to fix immediately and this prompted me to write this post about wooden fence maintenance.

Do you know Fall is a perfect time to work in your yard?  The temperature is great and you get to fix problems that otherwise will get worse during winter weather.

The following is a list of tasks I do during Fall in order to keep that wooden fence looking great:

1. Go all around your fence and inspect for any potential problems.

loosen pieces from wooden fence.

2.. Clean your fence. Remove debris, leaves and particles that have settled on the fence or between the boards.

3.Remove overhanging branches. Low hanging tree limbs can cause serious damage to your fence during strong winds or snowstorms. Not to mention these low branches create a network of super highways for pesky squirrels or other little creatures.

Makita Cordless variable speed reciprocating saw and Diablo carbide blade

Makita Cordless Variable Speed Lightweight Compact Reciprocating Saw 

Note: You can use that branch for your Fall or Christmas decorating projects. ;)

  Diablo 9 in. Carbide Pruning and Clean Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade

4. Secure loose pickets, boards and posts.

Fence maintenance - Hammering the nails
Milwaukee 22oz. Milled Face Framing Hammer
Note: Use a hammer if you need to drive a couple of nails.
A palm nailer will speed up this job if you need to drive more tan a handful.

fixing a damage fence
Ridgid Palm Nailer  |  Husky Water Resistant Leather Work Glove
5. Replace damaged boards.  Cracking, splitting or boards that show signs or decay might result in substantial damage to the entire structure.

Note: A battery powered circular saw is the perfect tool to bring to your backyard to cut those boards to size.

Fixing a damaged fence.
Dewalt 20V Max Lithium Cordless Circular Saw with Brake  |  Angle Square
6. Perhaps the most important tip: Stain or re-stain - Usually done every three years in order to prevent rotting and splitting, limit UV damage, enhance good grain and increase its lifespan.

fence fixed with the proper tools - Backyard

Guess what?  That's my next task... Staining it! ;)

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*This posts contains Affiliate Links for your convenience*

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  1. So true! Gotta love fall weather. You've inspired me to tackle my front steps this weekend off of my lovely porch. It looks rather like a haunted house as you approach them. Definitely not the look I'm going for!

    1. Hehe maybe you should wait until after Halloween! :D just kidding. Somehow we postponed those jobs until they become unbearable. Fall temperatures are definitely an incentive to go and tackle them. Good luck with them!

  2. This is true. I love your backyard.

  3. I've got to get out and fix and few problems around my fence for the winter. Thanks for the reminder. Would love to know what you stained your fence with. Outs has been up for about 5 years now and we have done nothing to it.

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