Kitchen Island Painted ASCP-Duck Egg Blue

kitchen makeover with ASCP, Glaze and wax for an old look.

Hi Friends,

I told you about all the unfinished projects I had around the house on my Friday post. Well, this one, the kitchen island, it's officially done!
I told you how I found the corbels at Home Depot and how they sparked the makeover. The corbels installed very easily, I only used four screws, the ones to the wooden surface of the island, I didn't use screws or anything going up to the countertop.

I also added beadboard on the inside of the shelves. The beadboard was a remnant piece I had from the hutch makeover.
how to install beadboard on kitchen island

Once done with corbels and beadboard I gave the whole island two coats of ASCP - Duck Egg blue.
two coats of chalk paint on kitchen island

This whole kitchen island makeover was inspired by the work done by Kim to her kitchen island right HERE. I fell in love with her transformation and saved her instructions for a very long time.  If you don't like waxing and buffing you need to go check her makeover because she uses something different than wax to protect the finish, I might say it's easier. However, I used wax because that's what I had on hand.

Well, the two coats of paint were followed by a good sanding. Somehow the texture of chalk paint is in the rough side to me. I gave it a little distressing on all the edges too.

After dusting it, the clear wax was applied and buffed. You can see the difference of the waxed vs. the un-waxed parts while working on it, it's darker.

Using a cheap brush, the glaze was then applied, going by parts... Applying the glaze and cleaning it off with a damp cloth.
how to apply glaze over a painted surface

The glaze dries in about 45 min. Once dry, you can apply another coat of clear wax to protect the glazed surfaces.
How to refinish kitchen cabinets with chalk paint, glaze and wax

The two doors and drawer fronts were given the same treatment.
kitchen cabinets painted ASCP Duck Egg Blue

1. Paint
2. Sand
3. Wax and buff
4. Apply glaze
5. Remove glaze with wet cloth
6. Wax
7. Buff
8. All done!

I'm loving this makeover, the wax gives it a nice soft sheen.
kitchen island makeover - from brown to blue with added corbels

The glaze gives more character to the beadboard.

I looked in my old hardware stash and picked these pulls. I think they go much better with the new style.
kitchen island makeover

The panels/molding that were hard to notice with the previous brown color are now more noticeable.

how to refinish kitchen cabinets

Sometimes the color looks blue-ish, some other times is like green.
how to install a microwave in kitchen island

In general, it gives the kitchen a much brighter look.
how to refinish kitchen island

How to paint kitchen cabinets with chalk paint and glaze


You can check the previous makeover where a builder's grade cabinet island was given a totally new look with an added shelf and microwave inside it.
oak cabinet kitchen island transformed - makeover

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  1. Cristina, this is gorgeous! You did such a spectacular job. The bead board is inspired and the corbels wonderful. Oh and the duck egg blue is perfect!
    Question: Why did you was and then glaze? Does the waxing first make the glaze easier to remove? Is the glaze just as stable on the piece? Thanks for the link to the other island makeover. I see she used laquer prior to glazing. Hmmm.... same reason? thanks in advance, Christina

    1. Thanks so much Queenopearls! I do believe applying the wax first makes for an easier way to spread and remove the glaze. The wood doesn't absorb it and it mostly stays in all those areas where you can't remove it, accentuating the piece.

  2. Absolutely STUNNING! Beautiful work- and it's staged so perfectly!
    Found you through Between Naps on the Porch
    Shelly @

  3. It looks amazing! Such an awesome transformation Cristina! I love the color!!

  4. Fabulous color and finish Cristina!

  5. I LOVE it! Looks so fresh and gorgeous. Good job Cristina!

  6. This is so gorgeous, I just LOVE the color!!! Visiting from The Scoop link party ;)

  7. Cristina, the island came out beautifully! Lovely color.

  8. It looks great Cristina! Love the color.

  9. That island sure has come a long way! Absolutely gorgeous! XO

  10. This looks fantastic Cristina! The colour is gorgeous and I love how you incorporated both a microwave and open display shelves. I so wish I had a kitchen layout that had room for an island.

  11. It looks beautiful! Duck Egg is one of my favorite colors.

  12. Your island is just beautiful. NIght and day difference from the original builder's grade version, and the duck egg blue with wax is even better than the first re-do. Had to pin this for future reference...


  13. Beautiful, Cristina! I love the paint color..

  14. It looks wonderful! Unbelievable what you have made from a standard piece of cabinetry.

  15. It's gorgeous Cristina! Sharing on my FB page:-)


  16. Oh my! I love the color. Beautiful makeover.

  17. You are so amazing! Your projects always blow me away. Love how pretty your white dishes look together.

  18. looks amazing! hard to believe where you started with the island.

  19. Hola Cristina pero que fabulosa ese mueble isla en tu cocina !!!me encantó el colorido y esa patina que le da un aspecto emvejecido

  20. Cristina, I love the island makeover. The color and glazing are perfect and thanks so much for the shout out!

    1. BTW, you were a lot braver than me waxing it. I just could not face all that waxing. That is why I used the Annie Sloan lacquer.

    2. Thanks Kim! Lately I've been loving using wax on my painted pieces, in small areas I don't mind the buffing. However, as I said, your method is easier on that part and they way to go for heavily used kitchen cabinets! Thanks for posting about it, I always love your paint transformations, you're an inspiration!

  21. Your island is gorgeous! Pinning and sharing with my SIL who wants to paint her island Duck Egg Blue!

  22. I'm loving the robin egg blue with the dark glaze! I'm obsessed with chalk paint and distressing right now! Your inspiring kitchen is getting me started on my kitchen now! Check it out as I slowly start working!!

  23. Love it !!! Just bought some Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and told my Husband I thought our plain ugly builders island needed more than just color. And there you were to show him what I meant. GORGEOUS!!!!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! You're gonna love your kitchen island transformation. Chateau Grey is a beautiful color too, it's going to bring new life to your kitchen!

  24. Love it !!! Just bought some Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and told my Husband I thought our plain ugly builders island needed more than just color. And there you were to show him what I meant. GORGEOUS!!!!

  25. Love it !!! Just bought some Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and told my Husband I thought our plain ugly builders island needed more than just color. And there you were to show him what I meant. GORGEOUS!!!!

  26. Beautiful island... What paint color is on your cabinets? I like those too.

  27. May I ask you what the side with the cabinet doors ended up looking like? I have this same stock cabinet island and would love to do the upgrade, but I'm nervous that the side with the cabinet doors will look off balance. Did you end up carrying the molding/trim all the way around so there wasn't an awkward flat space? Thank you so much for sharing, you've inspired us to upgrade our kitchen island in preparation for putting our house on the market!

    1. Hi Christine, there's a picture of that side - cabinet doors- within the post, it's showing the old hardware added to the drawers and doors. I only added the same kind of moldings to the side of the shelf. It doesn't look awkward, at least to our family.


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