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How to Install a Sliding Barn Door - Part 1 - The Track

Hi Friends,
It's been a long time since my last post about the closet makeover. It's sad to say I haven't done much here, not only in the closet, but in the entire room.

That first picture was the one I showed you for the reveal, you can check the post about the closet makeover right HERE.

However, this next picture, with a wider view shows some aspects that I strategically cropped out on the reveal picture.

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I told you on that post that I was using a carpet to better style the closet, I didn't attach the baseboards either. I'll do that after installing the new floor.

The top was open because, that's the next step: Installing the door.

As I told you before, it's going to be a sliding door, so I needed a header where to hang the door track from.
The piece of wood on the ceiling, in the above picture, is a 2 x 6 that was attached to a ceiling joist.

That 2 x 6 will serve to anchor another long 2 x 10 from where the railing for the sliding door will be attached.

The 2 x 10 was going to be installed at the very top, in front of the closet and continuing on the entire wall.  The studs on the wall were marked. This is very important because is a super heavy piece, and that's what's gonna support the door with all its hardware.

After marking the studs, I also installed a temporary small support where the big piece of wood would lay while we (me and my husband), would secure it to the wall. The small piece of wood on the picture above is just a remnant I used to measure that space.

I bought the 2 x 10 x 16 from the Home Depot, that board is heavy, I couldn't handle it alone! It was stained and once dry, I began marking the spots to install the hardware for the track. The above picture is of the Box Rail Brackets, I bought five of them, they each come with one screw, and that's what we used.

The opening of the closet is 48". I bought a 8-Foot Trolley Track. I positioned it slightly below the middle of the board. Then, bringing the Box Rail Brackets, took the measurements where to drive the screws for the brackets. This is how it looked at this point, once we brought it to the room.

The positions of the studs were transferred to the board and pre-drills were done before bringing this heavy piece onto the wall.

The Trolley Track was passed through the brackets before installing it on the wall.
One End Cap was placed at the very end of the track. I bought two of these, the other will be used on the other side after installing the door.

It was now time to bring this baby to the wall.
| Spax #14 x 4-3/4 In. |

These are the screws we used to mount it to the wall. Sorry about the blurry pic.

And here is a pic of my husband driving one of the screws.
Let me tell you, we couldn't have done it without this wooden support and another we installed close the closet that I didn't take a picture of. The piece of wood plus the track were HEAVY, with my weak arms, this would've been impossible for me to tackle. I couldn't even drive those long screws! :/

Here is a close up of the before and after:

This part, wasn't hard to do. The hard part was working with those heavy items.

This next picture looking up the closet space. I still need to paint that 2 x 6 on the ceiling.

And here is the entire wall. The door on the left side is the one to enter the room.

It took us a long time to install this header because my husband was sick, he went through a double knee surgery that didn't allow him to do much work, and as I said, I couldn't have done without his help.

I'm now working on the door and on those floors, perhaps next week I'll be writing about those.

The following are all the links to each of the projects done in this room:

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. WONDERFUL tutorial, Cristina! You do such a great job with your project. My daughter had doors like these at her last house and loved them. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I love all the space you gain with them and they're also a beautiful feature to any room.

  2. OMG, and I thought this closet was already cool, you had to add sliding barn doors? Now it's utterly perfect! Can you do my closet next Cristina, pretty, please, please! :-)

  3. I CANNOT get enough of this room makeover. Love it!!! My 8 year old has been following along with me, getting ideas for his own "big boy" room makeover. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. I want to say I'm so sorry for not going faster with this project. Even my boy's kinda giving me the look of "is my room ready?!" Your kind comment pushes me to work harder and faster. :)

  4. I'm having closet envy! What an amazing use of your space! Can't wait to see that door ...

    :) Linda

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see the barn door! I KNOW my puny arms couldn't handle that load! Thank goodness for husbands, hopefully he is recovering well after his knee surgery!

  6. Guauuu que gran tutoríal, me encanto la organización y cad lugar de ese magnifico closet

  7. Wow! This looks amazing! I can't wait to see the finished product! Great job! I'm redesigning my closet and this one is so inspiring!

  8. Your closet is so nice that I thought you were going to leave it open without a door. Great tutorial for putting up the track, now we have to wait to see the door on it!

  9. You have my dream closet! I love all of your storage. Can't wait to see the barn doors in place - it is going to look awesome!

  10. I still think your closet is the most amazing thing, I have seen since I started roaming th internet and blogging. Great tutorial...and yes, we installed similar hardware as garage doors ===once upon a time...and the header---I remember was super heavy. PS that was in an old limestone two story carriage house on a property we owned in another lifetime. Keep going---it is awesome! Sandi

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