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15 Frugal Valentine's Day Home Decor Ideas

DIY valentine's day home decor projects

I know most people don't decorate much for Valentines or all the smaller holidays, believe it or not, me neither. The most I usually do is change the mantel in our family room because that's the place where the whole family loves to hang around and we really liked the change that comes with each holiday or season.

I've been updating some old posts and while doing so, I found lots of projects for Valentines, most of them were featured on one of my mantels. So, I put them together in this post that, as the title states, are economical, and you can put together in no time for Valentine's day!

I wanted to begin with these Polymer Clay Hearts my daughter created two years ago. I'm already asking her what's going to be this year's project, she always comes up with something for Valentines.

diy polymer clay heart charms for valentines

DIY pom pom garland For Valentines day

diy Ribbon heart wreath on door for valentines

diy polka dot white and red fabric heart to decorate your home

diy Love wall art to decorate your home

diy dowel made arrows for decor

diy love potion #9 to decorate for Valentines

diy reindeer garland to decorate mantel during Valentines

diy crayon candles for Valentines

diy fabric heart ornaments to decorate for Christmas and Valentines

put together scrap pieces of molding to create heart

make paper flowers to create a garland for Valentines

how to make a message in a bottle for Valentines

a key to my heart - beaded hearts from beaded garland

And I close this round up, with another project created by my daughter.

how to make Hello Kitty cake pops for valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Thanks for pulling all these cute ideas together in one post. I am going to give the paper bag flowers a try since I happen to have a bunch of lunch bags. I love that you added the red paper for Valentine's Day. My favorite, though, is the LOVE sign. I might have to give that a shot for next year.

  2. How I love to come and look at all of your creativeness! So pretty!


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