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Love - Alphabet block letter Art

how to make big letter wall art

Hi everyone!!

Don't you just love it when something serves multiple purposes? I know, it's like getting two of something for the price of one, and that's how happy I am about this project. :)

It was created last Christmas when it looked like this...
wall art NOEL for Christmas decor

And here we're, almost two months later and it's still in use.

Well, the only thing needed was the letter V to make it work for Valentines.
how to paint alphabet block letters on canvas

You can check how to make each of the Alphabet Block Letters right HERE.
Love alphabet letter art with heart in living room for Valentines

Most of the pillows stayed the same, but I also brought the Heart Pillow.

tea set adorning table in living room for VAlentines

And a tea set to enjoy some tea during one of these cold days.

Living room decorated for Valentines with Love wall art and lots of red

:) Easy right?

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rustic arrows, big molding heart art and lots of hearts mantel

living room decorated for Spring with big flower art

Egg shells repurposed as an Easter egg tree centerpiece.


  1. So awesome, you only had to make one letter! I still love those windows, you can do so much with them!

  2. As usual, beautiful. I love that you are so creative for every holiday! I put up my little heart plaque on the front door and a little "LOVE" thingy on the buffet. That's about it! This is my "down time" between the holidays and springs. COME ON!

  3. Loved the NOEL before and love the LOVE now!

  4. I love how bold it is! That's great you only had to make one letter. The Easter Egg centerpiece is so stinkin' cute, too!

  5. haha that is just genius Cristina!! LOVE IT!

  6. Hola amiga querida !!! Como me gusta esos Marcos de ventana tan versátiles que te permiten cambiarlos según la ocasión .. Ese love es una dulzura

  7. Love this!
    And how great that you only had to make 1 letter!

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